Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is A Workaholic?

What does the word "workaholic" mean to you? Workaholic can be interpreted as diligence, indifference to life, resignation or positive attitude, just all sorts of implications. Among the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, some are workaholics who like to work. However, it doesn't mean everyone under these signs is workaholic -- it just represents a high probability. In the real world, it also depends on the working and living environment.

Rat: Typical Workaholic

Those born in the Rat years are typical workaholics in Chinese zodiac, especially when they start a business. Many of Rat people, with an agile mind, would choose to start their own businesses. Once they make the decision, they will get so devoted that sometimes even disregard meal times. People of Rat sign, whether have their own businesses or work for others, would never go in fits and starts. Rather, they would put their hearts and souls into it, because they want to live better. They know it very well that no pain, no gain and that no one can get something for nothing. With this in mind, they work like typical workaholics.

Dragon: Vigorous Workaholic

Dragon people are very likely to become workaholics. They are a bit aggressive yet exceptionally vigorous and independent in work. As loners, they would make up their minds and do their best for the things they choose. A lot of times, you can see those under the Dragon sign work crazily and you may consider them workaholics.

Dog: Family-oriented Workaholic

Dog is a very loyal sign. Those born in the Dog years take things very seriously, especially in their work. They are most likely to become workaholics whether working for others or running their own businesses. In their eyes, only hard work can support their own and their family's life and bring them a better life. Over time, Dog people with this attitude naturally become workaholics.

Rooster: Executive Workaholic

Rooster people appear to be sedate and ambitious in life. They are highly active and executive in doing many things. In their work particularly, they are even more meticulous and strive for perfection. The tiny flaws at work are enough to make them restless. As a result, people of Rooster sign would rather work late into the night to finish the work. They are such workaholics.