Careers for Dog

Dogs are good at doing ordinary yet noble, simple yet valuable work, in which they can always be diligent, conscientious and devoted, make the best efforts, and win respect and high opinion. People born in Dog years treat others with sincerity and they are treated kindly by superiors and subordinates. It doesn't mean every Dog can make a successful career. Due to their diligence and hard work, however, they get more chances to succeed. Dogs are capable of military work and can be great teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors, or leaders in transportation sector, or support and launch campaigns from the perspective of a pacifist. In times of crisis, Dog people can endure hardships tenaciously without complaining. Many sages and wise men in the world are born in Dog years.
Suitable Jobs for Dog: advisors, priests, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, judges, leaders of the transportation industry, politicians, philosophers, doctors, nurses, writers, medical staff, actors, referees, interviewers etc. 
Work Partners for Dog
→ Best Working Partners: Rabbit, Tiger and Horse
→ Good Working Partners: Monkey and Rooster (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Snake
→ Bad Working Partners: Sheep, Rat and Dragon
Best Age to Start a Business for Dog: Age 20 – 40
Best Career Field for Dog: Iron and steel industry
Best Business to Do: Home Decoration Shop, Furniture Shop
Best Direction for Career: South, Southeast, Southwest 

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Judicial Work
Born to be loyal, chivalrous and sympathetic, Dogs are natural attorneys without a title, who observe people with a judging attitude. Therefore, they fit for the judicial work like referee, attorney and interviewer.
Backstage Work
With alert eyes and minds, Dog people are sensitive and judgmental from birth and they can capture some useful information from daily life and make use of it. Additionally, they are not so ambitious and can take any job they like, no matter make money or not. Therefore, the backstage work is very suitable for them.
Competitive Jobs
Dogs tend to work things out in a straightforward way. In direct contact with people, Dogs can give their talents into full play. They are suitable for those jobs with certain competitiveness.
Healing Work
People born in Dog years tend to bury their ambition deep in heart and do what they like. Compassionate, perceptive and capable of self-disciplining, they fit to be consultants, priests, psychologists, etc.
Retail Business
Dog people are well-rounded, skilled in the management of interpersonal relationship and public relations and talented for foreign affairs. Also, they boast good organizing ability and sophisticated tricks, thus can resolve disputes skillfully even without much knowledge. Dogs have certain skills in handling staff issues and dealing with customers. Meanwhile, they will be quite capable if they choose to run a neighborhood business. 

Best Field: Steel Industry

The steel industry is too masculine for many people due to their limited knowledge about the field. The industry requires grin and bear, which is exactly a quality of Dogs. Sometimes, they are confused in life, because they hate the complicated other than the simple and stable life. From this perspective, Dogs are very suitable for the steel industry without too many changes. Also, the industry needs no infighting but steely temperament and perseverance, which are featured by Dogs. Besides, they can give vent to their strength in this industry.

Best Business to Do: Home Decoration & Furniture Store

Dog people have a good knowledge about taste, romance and comfort. For them, home means comfort and warmth. When it comes to home decoration, no one is better than them in terms of vision and appreciation. Because of their unique taste, the goods they stock are popular with customers. 

Unsuitable Work for Dog

Counting on their intelligence, Dogs are changeable and find it hard to stay still for a whole day. As a result, people under the Dog sign are not suitable for the indoor work which is monotonous and boring, as they may go crazy. The challenging or difficult jobs suit them better.

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