The Male Dog in Love

When romantically involved, men under the Dog sign would generate a desire to conquer and control their hearts strictly. If they really love someone, they would become quite down-to-earth, gentle and careful. The upright, honest and understanding male Dogs are very constant in love and they look forward to the compatible family relationships. Dull as they are, male Dogs may not express with sweet words but they are quite sincere and wholehearted and would show their sincerity from dribs and drabs of life.

Male Dogs' Attitude towards Love

The upright and honest male Dogs are generally sincere and constant in love. Once they get married, they would remain faithful and guard their mates forever. Sometimes, their irascibility can appear overbearing but they are wholehearted to their love and inclusive to the reproach and grumble of their partners, making others envy and admire a lot.

How Should Male Dogs Maintain Love Relationship?

Men born in Dog years actually have many unique merits - they are passionate, decisive and like to challenge and conquer. The more they love someone, the more inclusive they will be. Sometimes, they can be selfish. For example, they are determined to win every quarrel and like to put on airs and pretend to be a grown man; many of their childish behaviors make girls insecure. If men of Dog sign can be more considerate, steady, gentle and meticulous, their girlfriends will award them more marks and many contradictions will be avoided. In this way, they can enjoy a better relationship and stay together for a lifetime.

How to Know How Much a Male Dog Loves You

Seemingly amiable, Dog men are actually sensitive inside and they hardly reveal their inner thoughts to others, even the closest ones. When they are asked about the past, they would return a vague answer. If you find your boyfriend under the Dog sign likes to talk about his past and childhood stories, it means he is in you and wants you to know more about him and he has dropped his guard completely to you. Also, he would put you first and give up his hobbies to company you. If he can do that for you, he must love you very much.

What Kind of Women Do Dog Men Like?

1) Gentle and Virtuous Women
Candid and straightforward in daily life, male Dogs are traditional and attach great importance to family. While choosing partners, they prefer the family-oriented women who can take care of every family member and help them to work without the worries behind. As a result, they generally show no resistance to the gentle and virtuous women. 
2) Women of Excellent Execution
Male Dogs handle things in a mature, practical and quick manner and are easily attracted by women who also work positively with excellent execution but dislike those who merely talk and take no action. 
3) Kind and Considerate Women
The just and equitable Dog men don't like dirty tricks and love the kind women in daily life. Also, they are of high self-esteem and wish their partners could respect them and think the way they do. Because of this, they often fall for the kind and considerate women. 

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