The Female Dog in Love

The introverted girls under the Dog sign are quite passive in love relationship. They are stable, harmless, serious and sensitive about their reputation and dignity. When romantically involved, they would be sensitive to any change of their boyfriends and hold a sincere attitude. Female Dogs tend to be faithful to their husbands unto death and they are firm enough in love, looking forward to men of the same quality. Also, they are sacrificing and constant in love and know how to feel for others.

Female Dogs' Attitude towards Love

Women born in Dog years are meticulous and caring in love. When they do something for their men, they hope to be treated the same. They cannot stand any lies or failures to keep a promise in love relationship and would get very angry against lies told by their men. Unless their boyfriends know what they want and spoil them, female Dogs would not marry and spend the rest of life together.

How Should Female Dogs Maintain Love Relationship?

Girls under the Dog sign never hide their feelings: they can be very passionate or bristle up in anger. And most importantly, they would maximize the moodiness in a relationship. With a strong self-awareness, they would lose temper and become disgruntled once their boyfriends disobey them. It is fine to be self-willed properly but being difficult regardless of occasions would push their men away. Hence, female Dogs are suggested to be moderate in this. Otherwise, it will become a flashpoint of conflicts.

How to Know How Much a Female Dog Loves You

Your girlfriend born in the Dog year can be childish, wayward, even overbearing and mischievous, making you upset and feel she is making trouble out of nothing. If one day you find she is no longer childish or no longer loses temper and acts like a spoiled child on any occasions but behaves like a mature and elegant lady, it means she is indicating you that she is no longer a little girl and is ready to be a good wife. In this way, she expresses how much she loves you.

What Kind of Men Do Dog Women Like?

1) Straightforward and Generous Men 
The righteous and forthright female Dogs dislike people who are sluggish. They wish their boyfriends can be decisive, straightforward and generous and show no interest in foot-dragging men who haggle over every ounce. 
2) Honest and Outspoken Men
The candid Dog women follow rules in life and hate those who are opportunistic. Therefore, they like the honest, outspoken and just men who often offer help to others rather than the opportunistic men who disobey rules and attain their end by hook or by crook. 
3) Optimistic and Motivated Men
Female Dogs are iron ladies who are rarely bothered about trifles. Instead, they are optimistic, motivated and capable of accomplishing something on their own. In everyday life, they are easily attracted by the enterprising and hardworking men positive in creating their career and dislike the underachievers who live off their parents. 

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