Dog Personality Traits


1. Simple, upright, straightforward, honest, modest, friendly, and make others feel reliable and safe.
2. Faithful to friends, go all out to do things, value morality and justice, compassionate, and would rather suffer losses than bother others.
3. Know black from white, dare to speak out from a sense of justice and hold the scales even, never make a concession for the right things they believe, never do the things violating the morality out of personal interest.
4. Having highly accurate intuition, and a strong predictive and judgment ability.
5. Quick off the mark, clever, quick-minded, diligent, dedicated, loyal, conscientious and ambitious. Have great leadership ability, kind-hearted, dedicatory, and prestigious.
6. Hardly change mind once fall in love with someone.


1. Short-tempered, great emotional ups and downs, stubborn and like to display bravery.
2. Like to criticize others, theory-oriented but lack of action and judgment in reality.
3. Argumentative, suspicious, picky and tend to be blind.
4. Highly dependent, suffer from imaginary fears, and sometimes self-reclusive and silent inexplicably.

Male and Female Dogs Personality

Male Dog Personality: Male Dogs are practical in daily life and have very little bad habits. They are good at listening and sharing the unhappiness of others, thus enjoy great popularity.

Female Dog Personality: Women of the Dog sign are independent and responsible. They don't like to dress up or wear jewelry. Though less charming, they are undoubtedly good luck for their husbands.

Dog People's Personality by Five Elements

The Dog people of different elements have different personalities. Please click the following links to get personalities for the five types of Dogs.

→ Water Dog: 1982 (Jan. 25, 1982 - Feb. 12, 1983)
→ Metal Dog: 1970 (Feb. 06, 1970 - Jan. 26, 1971)
→ Earth Dog: 1958 (Feb. 18, 1958 - Feb. 07, 1959) and 2018 (Feb. 16, 2018 - Feb. 04, 2019)  
→ Fire Dog: 1946 (Feb. 02, 1946 - Jan. 21, 1947) and 2006 (Jan. 29, 2006 - Feb. 17, 2007)
→ Wood Dog: 1934 (Feb. 14, 1934 - Feb. 03, 1935) and 1994 (Feb. 10, 1994 - Jan. 30, 1995)

Dog People's Personality by Blood Types

Dogs Born in Different Periods of a Day

The dog people born in different periods of a day have different personalities and fortune:

The dog people born in the morning are pretty conservative and weak in character. Therefore, they are afraid of difficulties when doing things and worried about personal gains and losses. When meeting powerful people, they are usually coward and stand aside in terror. The man is thought to be a good - for - nothing in society that have ordinary jobs and lack in initiative. At home, he lives very much under his wife’s thumb. The woman is faithful to her husband and children. She is a perfect hostess willingly give everything to her family.  

The dog people born at noon are ambitious having sharp eyes and particularly good business noses. They can discover business opportunities and achieve the goals. As they are busy on career and social activities, they stay at home less. But this doesn’t mean they will ignore their family. He loves his wife too much and very faithful to her. The woman is usually charming and usually gets married at an early age. She also pays much attention on her work instead of staying at home.

The dog people born during the evening are extremely loyal no matter to their friends, bosses, teachers, elders or the country. Once making friends with others, they will be faithful to them for life. The man is even - tempered, loyal to his family and pays much more attention on family and friendship than money. Also he is very affectionate towards his wife and children. The woman is sophisticated and easy to be friend. She is usually fond by her colleagues and classmates. So, most of them marry with their colleagues and classmates.

Detailed Character Analysis of Dogs

Dog, the devoted friend of human beings has been famous for its keen ears and sharp sense of smell. If the things predicted by people born in the years of Dog come true, you should not be surprised as they are born with the highly accurate intuition and predictive ability.

One of the prominent strengths of loyal Dog people is that they are observant and have a pair of bright eyes, enabling them to find the characteristics of a person from his/her words and deeds, dressing, and even eye contact. However, they don't judge a person randomly because they know they may hurt him/her if they say it directly.

People under the Dog sign have the strong judgment, and they will not trust anyone readily but once they do, they will be honest and sincere. They are absolutely kind in getting along with friends and often choose to compromise; once they are betrayed or their friends do something irremissible, however, they will take the "tit for tat" approach. They like to rank people in their mind and classify them in two types: friend or opponent, and they will figure out the type when they are in contact with others. Dog people don't believe in the way of medium and will hardly change their mind once they have their own views on someone. As a result, the first impression is very important in getting along with people under the Dog sign.

With a strong sense of loyalty, especially to friends, they tend to go all out to finish the thing they promised to others. Also, they are prudent, loyal and reliable, compassionate and ready to help others, and often participate in charitable activities, thus very popular.

Boasting keen intuition, they can put forward valuable suggestions for the leader's decision and provide some professional and useful advices even though they are not really responsible for the matter. Leaders under the Dog sign sufficiently understand the staffing art: they employ capable persons and always put the talent to the post of duty which can best tap his/her potential. Also, Dog people do their best to work and they think a person should work like this. They are practice-oriented, fearless and straightforward, and can make accurate judgment on people. Therefore, they are very suitable for human resources management; don't doubt about their experience of human resources because no one can compare with them in terms of the intuition of evaluating and employing talents.

People born in the years of Dog are lively and enthusiastic outside but deep and pessimistic inside. They often imagine all sorts of crisis in the world and many times, their predictions finally come true.

The depressing characteristic of Dog people often make others dislike. They don't like to talk when they are with friends or relatives and often lead to awkward silence, making others ignore their existence. Perhaps, this is because they are overly righteous. They won't share their worries with others but hide inside. What's more, they have two faces, making their friends can't stand even though they are very loyal to friends.

In addition, they tend to be emotional and very dependent on others. Sometimes, they will ask help from others although they can solve it personally.

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Personality type by time of day? (0 Reply ) Asked by B***t

Could you elaborate on time of day relevance? I have not read these before and mine is rather sad and disconcerting being that I am a morning born dog in snake sign at 10:44 according to Chinese Beijing time. I have not read these on other Chinese Zodiac websites? Are these concrete and 'set in stone' or how does a person change these aspects of himself or herself? Thank you for any help.