How to Know a Dog is in Love with You?

Sincerity is the most important feature of people born in the year of the Dog. They prefer the stable life, refuse to take risks, hold a very serious attitude towards love relationship and can be the most committed once fall in love with someone. Then how to figure out whether a Dog has a crush on you?

Try to Hit on You in Pubic

Dog people are somewhat childish, mostly casual, honest and frank; they never hide anything away from their loved ones and tend to be possessive. If a Dog always hits on you in public and says something embarrassing, he/she is undoubtedly in love with you. 

Take the Initiative to Chat with You and Talk about the Past

People of Dog sign can be very impulsive but they never act rashly if they are not sure whether they are loved; at this time, they can only sound out carefully by chatting. If a Dog person tells you his/her childhood or love affairs in the past, he/she must want to show you more about him/her and imply that you are the trusted one he/she will never hide away from.

Send Gifts Secretly

Dogs are sensitive, especially to their loved ones, and they would ask about their love's preferences, living habits and so on. If a man or woman born in the year of the Dog falls in love with you, he/she will dare not to say love but pay quietly behind by asking “have you eaten the breakfast” or buying breakfast for you. In daily life, he/she may buy you snacks or pendants and prepare gifts at festivals and on your birthdays. 

Tell You Personal Hobbies

Despite the high EQ and IQ, Dog people would tell their love about personal hobbies and make the latter confused about why they are telling. In fact, a Dog with a crush on you will share you with his/her favorite things. 

Would Like to Mention You in Front of Others

Perhaps the Dog person is too shy to say something in front of you but he/she would like to mention you in front of others where you are not present. No matter he/she finds tasty titbits when hanging out or chats with others, he/she would keep your in mind, feel good whenever thinks of you and say how good you are to others. 

Observe You Carefully

Born with a sharp observation, people born in the year of the Dog would observe their love carefully. If a Dog really loves you, he/she would find every of your subtle changes. For example, if you cut your bangs a little short, he/she would praise your hairstyle and say you look nice today.

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