* The prediction is valid for 2019 (year of the Pig) starting from February 5, 2019 and lasting to January 24, 2020.


Rating: 3 stars
The earthly branch 'Yin' of Tiger damages the earthly branch 'Hai' of Tai Sui - the Grand Commander of 2019 which is the year of Earth Pig 'Ji Hai' (己亥). Hence, you people under the Tiger sign will damage Tai Sui and it is a kind of clash with Tai Sui, implying unstable luck and many troubles during the year of misfortune. Damaging Tai Sui means breaking and destroying and your luck for money, love, health and interpersonal relationship will be damaged easily. During the year of misfortune, you Tigers will be affected by several inauspicious stars and get involved in lawsuit or bloody disaster. Luckily, Tiger and Pig are one of the Six Compatible Groups (Liu He 六合) in Chinese Zodiac while 'compatible' means harmony. Additionally, the auspicious star 'Gui Shen' lessens the evil spirit of the inauspicious stars. As a result, your overall luck in 2019 will be mixed and you should be prudent for things uncertain about, have two strings to your bow and try not to stir up troubles.


Rating: 3 stars
In terms of wealth, damaging Tai Sui means the loss of money. What's more, both 'Guan Suo' and 'Gou Shen' are stars demanding money and suggest you will be stolen or swindled and fail to make ends meet. This proves that you Tiger people will have poor luck for wealth. Blessed by 'Gui Shen' and 'Guo Yin', your income from work will be stable due to the promotion and salary raise. You may even get incomes in other ways, such as bywork and part-time job. But you are not suggested to gamble, or you will lose and suffer huge losses. To improve your wealth luck in the Pig year, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with Tiger sign or red agate silver Pi Xiu charm bracelet..


Rating: 3 stars
'Gui Shen', in charge of luck with the benefactor, will bring you good luck for career and you will be promoted and assisted by professionals. 'Guo Yin', in charge of power and helm, suggests you will be in power and get promoted. With the great help from another two auspicious stars 'Fu Xing' and 'Fu De', you Tigers, especially males, will make a difference in career. However, you just cannot get rid of the influence of damaging Tai Sui and several inauspicious stars and might be fed up with the current workplace and want to change a job. If so, you are suggested to change in September or October, during which you will find a better job. Under the great influence of Tai Sui's evil spirits and 'Juan She', your interpersonal relationship will be complicated and you will be prone to disputes, so speak and act cautiously in workplace. If you can cooperate with those under the Pig sign, you will work more easily. To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2019, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Tiger sign pendant

Love Relationship

Rating: 3 stars
When it comes to love relationship, you will suffer mixed fortunes. Being compatible with Tai Sui means you will meet the like-minded who can get along with you; 'Gui Shen' is an auspicious star in charge of marriage and it will promote your love relationship, whether you are single or in a relationship. If you intend to get married in 2019, you may choose an auspicious date which will ward off the disasters. At another side, you Tigers will often feel lonely, even if when you are with your love. You married Tigers will have more conflicts with partner because you always pick holes and demand your partner to do as you wish, which will intensify the conflicts. To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with Tiger sign or place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Rating: 2 stars
In the year of damaging Tai Sui, your health will be impacted and you will suffer from minor illness. Also, your respiratory system will be infected easily and you should drink more water. Spiritually, you will suffer from loneliness and negative emotions and feel distressed even if with friends and relatives, as they just cannot understand you. The inauspicious star 'Wang Shen' will make you prone to casualty accidents, so be careful and on the alert to stay away from injury. At the same time, you should keep an eye on the physical and mental state of your relatives who might be implicated by the evils spirits of 'Wang Shen'. Green agate bracelet with Tiger sign is a good lucky charm for you Tigers to exorcise evil spirits and protect health in 2019.