2019 Chinese Horoscope For rat

Lucky Number: 7, 13
Lucky Color: Green, Pink, Yellow
Rat are only blessed by two auspicious stars yet affected by several inauspicious stars in 2019, so your overall luck will bode bad rather than good. You will have good career development and the auspicious star could help you turn calamities into blessings when you are in trouble. However, you may suffer financial losses in the year.
2019 Horoscope for rat born in: 1960 1972 1984 1996
* The prediction is valid for 2019 (year of the Pig) starting from February 5, 2019 and lasting to January 24, 2020.


The earthly branch 'Zi' of Rat belongs to water in Five Elements while the heavenly stem 'Ji' belongs to earth. Since water and earth are in inter-restriction, and Rats are only blessed by 'Tai Yang' and 'Tian Yi' yet affected by several inauspicious stars 'Bing Fu', 'Tian Kong' and 'Xian Chi' in 2019, your overall luck will bode bad rather than good during this year of Earth Pig 'Ji Hai'. From the good aspect, the blessing of 'Tai Yang' will contribute to your career development while 'Tian Yi' will turn calamities into blessings when you Rat people are in trouble. From the bad aspect, 'Bing Fu' - a star in charge of minor illness and disaster will make you prone to health problems. Affected by 'Tian Kong', you may suffer financial losses, while 'Xian Chi' in charge of unfavorable relationship will bring you bad luck for love. You are suggested to improve your working skills, mind your P's and Q's and manage interpersonal relationships properly. 


Your luck for wealth will be chopping and changing. Since the negative effect of inauspicious stars is stronger than the positive effect of auspicious stars, you Rats may live beyond your income and most of the incomes from work will be wasted in the year of misfortune. Also, 'Bing Fu' will make you prone to health problems, on which you will spend a lot, while 'Xian Chi' means you will spend for the opposite sex. Additionally, 'Tian Kong' will further increase your expenses, so beware of financial losses, watch your money and try not to carry valuables when you go out. With an average luck for windfalls, you should not expect for a quick buck. To improve your wealth luck in the Pig year, you are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with rat or ox sign.


Under the blessing of 'Tai Yang', you will attain a yet higher goal of career, especially for you male Rats, as the blessing of 'Tai Yang' is partial to men. Meanwhile, the star will guide you Rats to develop in a distant place, so the self-employed may consider expanding the market while the job hunters may get better opportunities in a developed city. Blessed by 'Tian Yi', you will get more support and help from your family and friends. If you want to change a job in this year, the good luck with benefactor will help you switch to another job successfully. For job hunters, you may get an ideal job through a friend' introduction. For wage earners, 2019 means many opportunities for learning skills and you will easily get recognition and promotion. To improve your career fortune and work smoothly in 2019, you are suggested to wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rat sign pendant

Love Relationship

In terms of love, the help from 'Tian Yi' will bring you singles particularly good luck with the opposite sex and under its guidance, you will find the right one easily. Due to the adverse impact of 'Xian Chi', you married Rats will be emotional problems as you will be more attractive to the opposite sex under the blessing of 'Tian Yi'. Therefore, don't be too enthusiastic to other opposite-sex friends or take the initiative to tease others; otherwise, you will be trapped in a quagmire of relationship. 'Xian Chi' will interfere with you Rats in love as well and you'd better beware of your lover cheating on you if the relationship is not yet solid. To improve your relationship this year, you may wear a pink crystal bracelet with rat sign or place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship.


Affected by 'Bing Fu', you people under the Rat sign will more or less suffer from illness or accidental injury, especially for the aged who should pay more attention to diet and do more exercise. 'Tian Kong' may also lead to accidental injury, so go out less to reduce the probability. 'Xian Chi', in charge of unfavorable relationship, means you will get hurt in love relationship, such as breakup, divorce and quarrel, even torture yourself in extreme ways like hunger strike, getting drunk and self-mutilation, which will cause mental and physical problems. If this happens, try to let go and take part in recreational activities or talk with your friends to distract. Green agate bracelet with rat sign is a good lucky charm for you Rats to exorcise evil spirits and protect health. If you drive more, you are suggested to hang a Pi Xiu car rearview mirror hanging ornament (for male)/ a Rose Quartz Pi Xiu car rearview mirror pandent (for female) in car for safe driving in 2019. You can click the link to buy. 

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