2024 Chinese Horoscope for 1984 Rat

Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between February 2, 1984 and February 19, 1985. If you were born before February 2, 1984, your Chinese zodiac sign is Pig. Please consult 2024 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Pig Born in 1983.
* The prediction is valid for 2024 (year of the Dragon) starting from February 10, 2024 and lasting to January 25, 2025.

The year of the Dragon in 2024 will be the second year of best luck for the Rats born in 1984. Their career will become stable, and there will be no more fluctuations. Their earnings will also become stable. The employed Rats will have a solid interpersonal relationship, which will help them get further promotion. However, it should be noted that the good fortune of the Rats born in 1984 will also incur some malicious slander. In addition to dealing with them carefully, they also need to improve their inner selves. They need to devote more energy into the maintenance of their career development, and seek another breakthrough in the career with the help of their good fortune.
Although the year 2024 will be the year of harmony with Tai Sui, there will be a lot of ominous stars interfering with the fortune of the Rats. One of them is "Pi Tou", which will lead to disturbances in the family's fortune, and there will be the possibility of a funeral and mourning at home. If there are elders in the family, or parents are already sick, being treated or hospitalized, the Rats should pay extra attention to their safety. When their elders are traveling, they should also take good care of them and accompany them personally to avoid accidents. However, Fate is predestined. If they had tried their best, sad things still happen, the Rats should also learn to accept, not feel too sad and regretful, so that their physical and mental health will not be affected .In 2024, to further improve the luck in all aspect, 1984 Rat people are recommended to wear a Diamond Knot Bracelet from YourChineseAstrology Store.
Things To Pay Attention To

Wear Safety Items
In 2024, it is recommended that people born in the Year of the Rat in 1984 wear mascots that could keep them safe, such as a peace-knot bracelets, Pixiu, natal Buddha, etc. These mascots can not only keep away villains, but also attract good luck, ensure them to travel safely, and help the elderly live long and healthy. In 2024, the Rat people had better wear a Saddle Knot Braided Bracelet to be blessed to be stable and improved in career. To enable the good result in exam or study, a Wenchang Knot Bracelet had better to be worn. In money, it's good to wear a Money Knot Bracelet in 2024 to consolidate their fortunes, generate prosperity, and stay away from the risk of losing money. 1984 Rat people, whether single or with a partner, can wear a string of Ruyi Peach Plossom Braided Bracelet to help stabilize the love relationship or attract love. For good health, a peace-knot bracelet should be worn to be blessed with good health in 2024. For safe driving, a Tiger's Eye Double Pi Xiu Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament is recommended. 
Hanging Lucky Objects
The Rats born in 1984 are advised to hang the lucky objects on the walls or doors of their homes in 2024. They may hang a bronze mirror or a peach wood sword on the front door of their homes, which will have the effect of warding off evil spirits and protecting the health and safety of their families. They can also hang a Chinese character of "Fu(福)" for good luck on the wall of their living room, or a landscape painting representing good luck, which can bring good luck to their home and ward off bad luck and misfortune.
Improving Feng Shui Layout
The Feng Shui (Chinese Geomancy) layout of their home is not only related to their financial fortune, but also has a great deal to do with their health. In the new year, they can arrange a room with better light for the elderly or frail people in their home. They should be careful that the door of the room should not be facing the toilet, otherwise it will be more unfavorable to their health. The windows should not be open all day long, but they should not be too tightly closed either, and they should not be facing the big bed, which is easy to incur bad luck and unfavorable to the occupants.
* The prediction is valid for 2023 Year of the Rabbit which is from January 22, 2023 to February 9, 2024.

The Rats born in 1984 will not have a good performance in all aspects in 2023, which is a year of Torturing Tai Sui. As such, the Rats must withstand the pressure in all aspects, and learn to stand on their own feet. I the face of difficulties, they should not rely on others to fulfill their hopes. Instead, they should deal with all kinds of difficulties through their own sweat and efforts. Only in way can they go through storms and difficulties to achieve a lot in their own life. To bless them and the whole family with happiness and good luck, it’s better to wear a red rope bracelet or red agate bracelet with Rat sign in 2023.

Financially, the Rats born in 1984 may fall into the romance affair trap due to the influence of the ominous star of "Xian Chi", and they will have to spend a huge amount of money in dealing with the affairs trap. The Rats will not have a generous income this year. Although they still work hard in the workplace, they still have no way to make outstanding contributions to the development of the company, and they won’t get a considerable amount of performance commission. In addition, the Rats will also incur financial losses due to some wrong decisions in the investment this year. In any case, they must take special care in everything. To improve wealth luck in 2023, they are suggested to wear a citrine bracelet with silver Pi Xiu.

In terms of career, even with the blessing of the auspicious star "Tian De" in 2023, the overall situation will be still particularly bad for the Rats born in 1984. This year, the Rats will bear particularly high pressure and heavy burden in the process of work, and they may need to work overtime all day and night. The Rats are advised to attach great importance to their physical maintenance while working hard this year. They should not exhaust their health excessively, otherwise once their physical health is exhausted, it will be too late to regret. To improve career fortune and work smoothly in 2023, they'd better wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet with Rat sign pendant

Love Relationship
In terms of love and relationship, the Rats born in 1984 will get the favor of the auspicious star of "Hong Luan" will 2023. Although it is an auspicious star, it will not be a good thing for married people because it may get them involved in a lot of affairs. For the single Rats, although people around them may help introduce blind date partners, the quality of blind date partners is not particularly good. So, it won’t be easy for them to find the right partners. As for the Rats who have partners, they must be attentive to manage their relationships. As they are not young any more, they should consider marriage seriously and should not delay marriage any more. To improve relationship this year, they'd better wear an amethyst bracelet with Rat sign or place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship. 

In terms of health, the Rats born in 1984 will have a very poor health condition inn 2023. The immunity will also be particularly poor. So, they should place the physical maintenance on the top priority. They should maintain a pleasant and happy mood every day. This year, they should try to maintain a healthy and regular lifestyle, and avoid traveling around, especially avoid going abroad because it will be very likely to encounter accidents. Green agate bracelet with rat sign is a good lucky charm for Rats to exorcise evil spirits and protect health. For safe driving, they'd better hang a natural mahogany lotus car rearview mirror hanging ornament.

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