My fiancé is born Toronto Ontario August 29th 1985 at 11:45am.

I am born December 27th 1987 at 9:30am.

Do you think we're compatible? I think we are; but there are obstacles because he lives so far away. I have to keep reminding him of our goals. He's sweet, and treats me like a princess, but sometimes I worry.

What does our horoscope say?

Thank you

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He is Wood Ox and you are Fire Rabbit. In terms of your birth elements, you are very compatible. As for your signs, it's also compatible although Ox and Rabbit are not the best match.

According to Chinese astrology, You are a couple that needs frequent communication and adjustment to make your marriage happy. You need to have a baby after marriage to make your marriage last long. If you don't plan to have baby, your wealth fortune will be not good in life.

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