Chinese Names for the Monkey Year People/Babies

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    Chinese Names for Babies Born in the Year of the Monkey 2016

    In Chinese 12 zodiac, Sheep is regarded less auspicious than other animal signs. So, many families delayed their reproductive plans to the Monkey year 2016. For babies born in the year of Monkey, they are usually thought to be smart, intelligent confident and capable in character. If your baby was born or will be born in the Monkey year, to give him/her a suitable and lucky Chinese name will be a precious gift.

    Now, let’s take a look at dos and don’ts when you are selecting the name for babies born in the Monkey year 2016 (starting from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017).

    Characters Auspicious for People of Monkey Zodiac Sign

    1. 本、杉、杏、材、东、林、果、梁、桔、机、森、栋、樱
    Why? Radical“木” symbolizes wood. Monkey lives in the forest and play freely in it. So, the characters with wood radical are good for the Monkey people in name. People with these characters in name could make full play of their talents.

    2. 任、仲、仿、企、伊、伍、休、伶、佑、何、余、作、佩、依、俊、俐、促、俏、信、修、值、倩、伟、健、傅、仪、优、诒、词、试、诗、詹、语、诚、谊
    Why? Radicals such as “人”,“亻”,“彳” (meaning: human) and “言”  (meaning: Speak) reflect the feature of Monkey. Monkey likes to imitate humans’ behavior. The characters containing “人”,“亻”,“彳” and  “言” represent wisdom and great achievement.

    3. 古、台、史、君、周、启、冠、宇、安、宏、宗、容、宽
    Why? Monkey enjoys staying in the cave in nature. Characters with radicals of “口”、“宀”、“冖”could make them feel safe and to be protected.

    4. 王、玉、玲、珍、珏、璇、琪、琛、环、琼、琳、珑
    Why? In Chinese culture, the Monkey likes to proclaim itself as king. So, the name word with radical of “王”(meaning: king) indicates sovereign and successful.

    5. 孔、字、李、孙、学、江、沈、沐、沛、泉、泰、涛、涵、绅、坤、汉
    Why? In Chinese astrology, Monkey, Rat and Dragon zodiac signs form 3-Harmony relationship. That means Rat and Dragon are auspicious signs for the Monkey. Therefore, radicals such as “子” (the Rat’s Earthly Branch)、 “辰”(the Dragon’s Earthly Branch) 、 “冫”、“氵”、“水” (These three are related to water. Dragon lives in the water.) are a great boost to the Monkey’s luck when used in the name.

    6. 彤、彦、影、常、沛、红、紫、绚、丝、袁、裕、襄、示、祁、祝、绿、棋、礼
    Why? Radicals such as “彡”、“巾”、“系”、“采”、“衣”、“示” indicates clothes. It’s auspicious to use words with these radicals as monkey likes to be dressed up like human to raise its status in the society.

    Characters Inauspicious for People of Monkey Zodiac Sign

    1. 寅、虎、彪、虔, 演、琥、號、盧, 峰、岚
    Why? In Chinese zodiac, Monkey and Tiger conflict with each other. They couldn’t be compatible when being together. So, the characters with Tiger meanings’ radicals such as寅,丘,山,虎 should be avoided to use in the name.

    2. 田、由、甲、申、界、留、米、粉、秀、秉、秋、科、秦、谷、穗
    Why? Monkey doesn’t eat grain, rice, cereal or maize. When they are in the field, they will play and tread upon them. So, Monkey people should avoid using words containing radicals or characters of “禾”、“谷”、“田”、“麦”、“稷”、“米”. It’s thought the people will be lack of carefulness attitude towards life or work if use these kinds of words in name.  

    3. 惠、慧、蕊、思、念、想、憲、朋、鵬、騰、宥、育、有、骏,森、燊、炎
    Why? Monkey zodiac sign belongs to metal element. In Chinese five element, metal conflicts with wood, fire and metal signs. So, radicals or characters having relationship with them like “木”、“火”“金”、“酉”、“西”、“兑”、“皿”、“鸟”、“月” should be avoided.

    4. 亥、家、象、豪、豫、缘、豹、貌
    Why? In Chinese astrology, Pig is a great harm to the Monkey. Therefore, one should avoid using words with radicals with the meaning of pig (such as 亥and豕).

    Auspicious and Inauspicious Surnames

    It would be preferable to select the following surnames for the people born in the Monkey year.
    徐、倪、佟、张、庞、龙、龚、农、颜、顾、康、贺、石、孔、李、孟、孙、承、丞、永、冰、郭、洪、汪、泰、江、游、池、沈、温、袁、侯、牛、钮、司、吴、吕、谷、高、宫、祝、商、哈、方、郑、裴、翁、邬、谭、姚、王、彭、潘、常、陈、成、武、盛、狄 and etc.
    It would not be good to choose the following surnames:
    巴、朱、熊、姜、柳、刘、连、毛、苗、林、卢、岳、田、黄、程、马、冯、许、丁、家、象 and etc.

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    Lucky Given Names for Male and Female Born in the Year of the Monkey

    Following are decent and elegant given names for male and female with detailed meanings.

    Auspicious Given Names for Monkey Year Boys
    奕博    of outstanding manner and learned
    嘉懿    excellent and virtuous
    高朗    noble and candid
    雄逸    powerful and elegant
    修杰    tall and outstanding
    越彬    well-mannered
    奕博    handsome and learned
    豪健    heroic and robust
    熙华    splendid and handsome
    淳雅    honest and elegant
    德海    great merits and virtues
    德厚    great kindness and charity
    德茂    very moral
    立诚    independent and honest
    明睿    clever and sagacious
    朗诣    open-minded
    明哲    sensible and reasonable
    伟诚 great and sincere
    熙泰 prosperous and peaceful
    宣朗 manifest and broad
    宣展 happy and open
    雅畅 elegant and smooth
    懿轩 fine and dignified
    泽民 put others under an obligation
    嘉志    excellent and strong-willed
    伟誉 good reputation
    博超 broad and exceeding
    博文 learned and accomplished
    高俊 lofty and handsome
    峻晨    vigorous and full of hope

    Auspicious Given Names for Monkey Year Girls
    沛玲    energetic and exquisite
    欣妍    happy and beautiful
    佳琦    spotless and flawless
    雅芙    well-mannered
    雨婷    gentle, clever and beautiful
    韵寒    contain all the good characters
    莉姿    charming
    雨璐    beautiful
    宁馨    quiet and warm
    妙菱    lively and intelligent
    心琪    beauty of mind
    雯媛    modest and talented
    诗婧    beautiful as a good poem
    露洁    unsophisticated
    静琪    silent and cute
    雅琳    elegant
    灵韵    lively and charming
    睿妤    clever
    清菡    noble-minded
    素菲    coming from a Chinese poem
    昭雪    energetic and pure
    美琳    beautiful and kind-hearted
    欢馨    happy and enjoy a harmonious family life
    优璇    outstanding and beautiful
    雨嘉    pure and excellent
    诗涵    talented and having great depth
    嫦曦    beautiful and vigorous
    静香    silent and elegant
    凌薇    outstanding
    雅静    elegant, gentle and quiet
    雪丽    as beautiful as snow
    依娜    graceful
    婉玗    gentle and happy
    书怡    calm and delightful
    诗茵    elegant and romantic
    灵静    clever, gentle and quiet
    睿婕    smart
    婉婷    kindly and graceful
    云舒    coming from a Chinese poem