Careers for Monkey

People born in the Monkey years are smart, quick-witted, capable, adaptable and creative. With these excellent qualities, Monkey people are destined to boast a great capability and make great achievements in career. They can master much knowledge in the world, thus the typical Jack-of-all-trades who can be outstanding actors/actresses, writers, diplomats, teachers, lawyers, athletes, stockbrokers and so on. When choosing a job, however, they should weigh their interests to get success. 
Suitable Jobs for Monkey: diplomats, journalists, businessmen, linguists, actors, writers, diplomats, lawyers, athletes, stockbrokers, teachers etc.
Work Partners for Monkey
→ Best Working Partners: Snake, Rat and Dragon
→ Good Working Partners: Rooster and Dog (The three should work together)
→ Not Bad Working Partners: Ox, Sheep
→ Bad Working Partners: Tiger, Pig
Best Age to Start a Business for Monkey: Age 40 – 50
Best Career Field for Monkey: Risk Investment
Best Business to Do: Maternal and Infant Store, Toy Store
Best Direction for Career: South and Southeast

Suitable and Ideal Jobs

Challenging Jobs
The dissatisfaction of Monkeys is in direct proportion to their talents. As the typical restless people, they are very curious and want to try everything. Monkeys prefer to the challenging, exciting and speculating work than the boring. Therefore, professional athlete, stock broker and other challenging work are good choices for Monkey people.
Logical Work
The level-headed Monkeys can always deal with those complicated problems in an orderly way, thus suitable for detective, lawyer, programmer and other jobs requiring excellent logical thinking.
Since Monkeys hate to be restrained and pursue freedom and carefree life, the freelance work is a good choice for them to release more energy.
People under the Monkey sign are brilliant, meticulous, flexible and generous, and boast good judgment and decision-making ability, thus fit to lead.

Best Field: Venture Capital Industry

Sometimes, being adventurous is a disadvantage as it suggests the person is impulsive. If the foundation work is well done, however, it will be a kind of boldness. In the 12 animal signs of Chinese zodiac, Monkey is undoubtedly the best when it comes to the boldness! In the face of opportunities, Monkey people are never hesitative but courageous and wise. Most importantly, they are positive and could start again when suffer a loss, thus suitable for VC industry, in which they can have all their appetite for adventure and desire to show off. As a result, VC is the best industry for Monkeys.

Best Business to Do: Maternal-Infant/Toy Store

Young parents often find it hard to say no to the humorous and enthusiastic Monkey people, because the amiable and lively Monkeys are playmates for their children; how can they not pay the bill if their kids want to buy from Monkeys? Therefore, Monkeys can give full play to their advantages if they choose to run a store dealing with kids' products.

Career Advices

1. Monkeys, with poor persistence, are sluggish and speculative. They often leave things to chance and make others feel irresponsible, hence fail to be valued by their bosses. The best way for them to break through and change the situation is to actively develop the ability of working independently and to use their wisdom in work. In this way, they will get more help from others and be recognized by superiors.
2. Without well-defined goals, Monkey people are vulnerable to temptation and irresolution, which waste them a lot of time and cause a great hindrance to their career development. Monkeys are suggested. .

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