2017 Horoscope for the Monkey Born in 1968

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    Note: The horoscope prediction is for people born between January 30, 1968 and February 16, 1969. If you were born before January 30, 1968, your Chinese zodiac sign is Sheep. Please consult 2017 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope for the Sheep Born in 1967.

    2017 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2017 year of the Rooster which is from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

    Under the influence of inauspicious stars like Bingfu (病符) and Wangshen (亡神) in 2017 the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉), you people born in the year of Monkey will have health and work troubles, most of which are unexpected accidents you can hardly prevent. Fortunately, you Monkeys born in 1968 will have good fortune in certain aspects like the luck with the benefactor. If you can make good use of it, you will not experience big ups and downs in the whole years' development.

    In terms of career, you Monkeys born in 1968 will encounter various changes in 2017, such as job, position and environment changes, even work in another place. You should be clear in mind that you need to meet changes with constancy, so as to make good use of opportunities in all sorts of changes and create a good situation for your career development. What's more, you should make a reasonable plan against the continuous changes and never blame everyone and everything but yourself; you should keep going unless you decide to change a job and the bad situation will finally change.

    Due to the changes in career luck, you will not have good luck in wealth in 2017 and you may find it's difficult to accumulate enough money through the stable source of income. Fortunately, you will not encounter the crisis of unexpected personal financial losses, so you will not have financial crisis once you make proper use of the money even if without the stable source of income.

    Love Relationship
    You Monkeys will have quite good fortune in love relationship in the year of 2017 due to the blessing of the auspicious star Hongluan (红鸾) which will ensure a steady marital status for you and bring you the extremely good luck with the opposite sex. Of course, you people born in 1968 do not need the good luck with the opposite sex rather than the peaceful family life. Therefore, you need to keep a certain distance with the opposite-sex friends around, so as to avoid the blame of others.

    Affected by the inauspicious star Bingfu, you will have certain health problems and suffer from minor illness which will not bring you serious problems but the minor illness will also make you uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the inauspicious star Wangshen will make your luck in health even worse, especially mental state, thus you will have worse sleep quality, be absent-minded and prone to traffic accidents or other disputes. As a result, you should look after your health, control diet as much as possible and avoid the excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco. In addition, you have to pay more attention to your health since you are old enough; the stable life pattern and regular physical examination are necessary for you.

    2016 Horoscope Forecast

    The prediction is valid for 2016 which is from February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017.

    2016 Lucky Astrology Elements for the Monkey People Born in 1968
    Earth Monkey
      Lucky Colors: Black, Gray white and Golden
      Auspicious Direction: West
      Lukcy Numbers: 4 and 6

    2016 is the year of monkey which is the zodiac year (Benming Nian) for you 1968 born Monkey. According to Chinese custom, people in his zodiac year are easy to offend Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune. You may fell nothing goes right in 2016. In life, even a small thing is easy to deteriorate. In career, you are inclined to be irritable and hard to display your ability. It’s suggested not to give yourself too much pressure in work and lean to relax. Spend more time with friends is effective to ease up. Long-distance journey or travel on official business is not advised this year. Although the year doesn’t favor you, as long as you could face all the challenges optimistically, you could spend the year smoothly.
    2016 favors those working in art, culture and education fields. The career people are easy to have conflicts with others in work because of the bad temper. This will cause a strong negative effect for your development in career. You should try to control your fiery temper and get along with your colleagues with a gentle manner. Some of you may have the impulse of changing the job. It is not advised in this year. If you are a businessman, you should be especially careful during the year in any investment. It’s the year you should mainly accumulate knowledge and establish good connections instead of making money. No matter you are career people or businessmen, you should discipline yourself and think twice before doing anything to avoid making mistakes in 2016.

    If you are businessman, you should make both ends meet and reduce unnecessary expenses in 2016. Analyze carefully to see if your management mode is suitable to the present market and needs. Also, you should avoid large investment this year. For career people, you would suffer a big financial loss if you engage in gambling. If you are a publicist, scriptwriter, author or engage in other jobs that need your thinking and inspiration, you are expected to get a nice income. What you should avoid is to lend money to others. Auspicious months for your fortune in finance in 2016 are Chinese lunar February (Mar.9 – Apr. 6), August (Sep. 1 - 30) and December (Dec.29 – Jan. 27, 2017).
    Love Relationship
    The singles may reunite with your old friends and one of them may become your lover in 2016. Also, you will have many chances to make new friends in different occasions which could increase the chances to find your love. If you have been married, your family conflicts may be triggered at any moment this year. You are suggested to arrange a short trip for the whole family to further your affection. If there is any festive event like wedding, arrival of a baby, job promotion etc. in the family, your love relationship could turn to be better.

    When comes to health, it will be unavoidable to suffer from some minor illnesses in 2016 for you 1968 born monkey. Most of them are mainly caused by your bad habits in daily life such as eat and drink extravagantly. In emotion, you will be easy to get angry and become impatient. Anger punishes itself, you should learn or control your temper or you would hard to own a good health. In addition, you should especially care the physical conditions for the females in your family this year. Don’t neglect even trivial problems of them due to your busy work. If you are a female, you should take good care of your health and have a healthy, balanced diet in daily life. 
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