Dream about Moon Meanings

The moon represents the emotional and feminine side in human nature and it involves human intuition, psychology, love and romance. The waning moon in your dream suggests the dark or confused side in your personality. Besides, the moon stands for motherhood or femininity and implies you are willing to give everything to your lover. The moon also symbolizes your mother or your relationship with your mother. In general, it is a good dream which means you get along well with each other.
Psychoanalysis: as the ancient saying goes, the moon could affect people's mental activities, such as men's inner feeling and women's intuition. For males, to see the moon in dream suggests that you should stop imagining women or eliminate the fear of women. For females, the dream about moon often implies your relationship with other women.
Spirit symbol: spiritually, the moon in your dream represents the Goddess in charge of all things or the dark and unknown side of yourself. In addition, it can symbolize certain unreachable goals or things.
The moon in dreams often suggests purity and beauty. The dream about moon usually implies everything will go well and you will enjoy sweet love or marriage and prosperity. The different shapes of moon in your dream mean the different life experience or destiny.
The dream about bright moon suggests family happiness.
The dream about bright moon with twinkling stars suggests everything will go as you wish.
The dream about a full moon shining brightly in the sky implies all will go well with you, especially love. You will enjoy the sweet time with no argument or quarrel.
The dream about the moon shining on you suggests you may have health issues and need to pay special attention to respiratory diseases like colds and tonsillitis.
The dream about a moon in the day suggests something bad, such as being fleeced or tangled by a drunkard. The dream reminds you to stay at home to keep safe.
The dream about a lonely moon high in the sky without stars indicates you may break up with your lover or your desire for love may not be satisfied.
The dream about a moon in clouds suggests your relationship with your lover or partner may get worse or you need to overcome some difficulties to achieve results.
The dream about a waning moon suggests the dark side in your personality or the doubts in your mind which make you shilly-shally. If you are sailing or travelling, the dream about a waning moon suggests you may run into danger during the journey and should be careful about it.  
For girls, the dream about half moon is an evil sign which reminds you to pay attention to health and safety.
For unmarried men, the dream about crescent suggests you may break up with your lover or suffer from insomnia due to anxiety and depression.
The full moon symbolizes extraordinary success in love relationship or getting rich or having a baby. If you are pregnant, the dream about a full moon suggests you will have a pretty baby boy. For patients, the dream about full moon suggests quick recovery. 
The dream about the moon rising above the horizon indicates you are quite well-off recently and blessed in making money. At the moment, however, you need to avoid wasting. Otherwise, you will lose the good luck for wealth.
The dream about the moon rising from the sea suggests you can build up from nothing or boost your family fortune.
The dream about a falling moon suggests a crisis in love or marriage and you may break up or separate for a long time with your lover. Try to think and care more about your partner.
The dream about walking on the moon suggests better intelligence and active thinking. It means you are quite clear-minded and quick-minded recently and will get good results in test or at work, even win recognition from your teacher or boss.