Snow Dream Interpretation and Meanings

Snow is a symbol of purity, beauty, pride, whiteness, isolation, etc. If the white snow covered everything in your dream, it may be the embodiment of your inner depression, and shows that your feelings are just like a frozen snowland - you restrain yourself from falling in and escape from the colorful life. The dream about snow can be a symbol that reminds you to be more hospitable to those around. Your life will become colorful because of your passion.
If you are a woman, to see falling snow suggests you always think of others in daily life and no worries can make you lose smile.
If you are pregnant, the dream about falling snow indicates a pretty and healthy baby boy.
If you are a patient, the dream about falling snow indicates the dirt within your body will be cleared away and you will pull through soon.
If you are a businessman, to see snow falling suggests you may do business in a distant country.
The dream about snow slide suggests you will get a stupendous sum.

The dream about heavy snow or falling snow is a good sign of improved luck. A good fortune will befall you and you will get an unexpected surprise. But if the sky turned black or some other dark color in the dream about snow, it indicates a possible disease, inner depression or difficulties in getting along with people. The dream about dark road in snow can be a sign of something bad. 
The dream about white snow falling from the sky implies you may get promoted at work recently.
If you are a man, the dream about falling snow suggests you are reliable and never covet little advantages, thus trusted by others and live a well-off life.
If your house was full of snow in the dream, it means something annoying will make your family ill at ease and in a fret.
If the trees in your yard were covered with snow in the dream, it suggests someone may invest for you or you will get good returns from the investment project.
The dream about melting snow and ice indicates a heart of steel will soften or a possible opportunity for what you are fighting for. 
The dream about unmelted snow in the melting snowdrift suggests you will be busy running about something in smooth progress for a good end and to avoid certain losses.
The dream of slipping on a frozen road indicates a possible abnormal behavior, probably tipping over a lunch box and making a fool of yourself in the public.
The dream about snowflakes or residual snow on your body indicates a funeral, a major change and other disasters.
The dream about a blanket of snow suggests a trouble making you do not know where to go. At this time, you'd better ask the elder generation for help and advice.
The dream about thick snow indicates you might be overwhelmed by work. But don't worry, your efforts will be paid and your hard work will lead to great success beyond your expectations.
The dream about a snowstorm indicates that you may encounter some problems in the near future and feel upset.
The dream about a snow mountain with the rising sun means you want to get married. 
If the heavy snow sealed the mountain passes in your dream, it means you may receive some very important good news.
The dream about a snowball fight is a good omen of well-off life.
The dream about had snowball fight with friends indicates you will handle the interpersonal relationship properly.
The dream about tumbling about and playing in the snow suggests a favorable turn in love relationship. The cold war between you will be temporary and your relationship will revive soon. If a snowman appeared in the dream, your relationship will become more stable.
If you ate snow in the dream, it means your relationship will be fruitful - you will be comforted spiritually and physically, and feel happy. 
If you followed the footprints in the snow in the dream, it implies you will follow a renowned person or work on sorting out the great achievements of great men.
If you were buried in the snow, the dream suggests your opinion is correct but you will be isolated by people around due to misunderstanding.

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