Dream about a Typhoon, Hurricane or Tornado

The dream of a typhoon or tornado predicts you will recover what you have previously lost or get a blessing in disguise. It reminds you to keep your chin up rather than worry too much in face of a trouble, as the sun shines again after rain! On the other hand, it implies you may have a career change, or your lover will be transferred to work in somewhere else. Also, it may suggest a change in social environment or policy has a major impact on you, and you're suddenly at a loss. Besides, the dream about hurricane may indicate you will find back the lost friend, or be visited by a respected guest.
If the typhoon or tornado destroyed houses or brought cars to the sky in your dream, it means you feel insecure recently. Your consciousness and body have fully realized the fragility of the physical world, or you have felt a certain impending storm or social phenomenon in your subconscious.
If you are an office clerk, the dream about hurricane is a sign of job-hopping. Maybe you can take the opportunity to find a job that you really like.
If you are a businessman, the dream of typhoon reminds you to keep an eye out for recent market changes. Perhaps some major changes may affect your business and you should be prepared in advance.
If you are a solider, the dream about typhoon predicts a promotion.
If you are a patient, the dream of hurricane suggests the worsened condition or disease relapse, and you will not be healed within a short time.
If you are a student, the dream about hurricane indicates the school-weariness deep in your heart and you don't want to go to school and start to reject learning.
If you are a man, the dream about typhoon indicates you will find back a lost friend, or see a change in life, and maybe it's the opportunity you've always wanted.
If you are a woman, the dream about hurricane suggests a female guest, or a relationship problem caused by the personality clash in the long time of relationship. It reminds you to take care of the relationship.
If you are a traveler, the dream about tornado suggests you will come back safe.
The dream about a typhoon rising from mountains means you will have good luck in making friends and get help in trouble.
The dream about a typhoon rolling into your house from a window indicates you will get new development in love. If you have no opposite-sex friend yet, you will start a relationship with someone around.
If the tornado made waves on the sea and you felt ill at ease in the dream, it implies you are angry about what your friend or partner said and need to be calm.
The dream about a terrifying hurricane rolling to you indicates you will be in pain and worry while trying to save something from failure and destruction.
The dream about someone got injured or died in the hurricane means you will feel very sad for the misfortune of someone else.
The dream about your house torn to pieces by the hurricane and you saved someone from the ruins in the terrible darkness suggests your life will undergo a major change. Perhaps you will move to a distant place.
If you dreamed that you were trapped in a tornado, it means your get-rich-quick plan will fail and you will feel disappointment and lost.

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Dream being spinned off by typhoon (1 Reply ) Asked by l***e

i dreamt being spinned off by the typhoon but I was not dead. I was spinning with the red umbrella protecting me. I was enjoying though it was a harsh typhoon. I was so wet in my dream though still happy