Dream about Sun Meanings

The sun is a symbol of vitality. Whether you are energetic or not depends on if the sun in your dream is bright or dim.
The dream of flaming sun is a sign of hope, which indicates your wish will come true and you should be confident about your future. If you have a plan in your mind, just act out; if you have a crush on someone, go for it and do the deed.
The dream of bright sunlight implies everything will go well with you.
The dream of rising sun indicates a new upturn in work or study, or a sudden enlightenment and everything will soon be plain sailing. As for love relationship, you may fall in love with a classmate or colleague and your relationship will be further improved, so take the chance to be passionately in love.
The dream of the sun at high noon indicates you will be in the prime of your career, everything will go well and you will succeed soon. Also, it implies you will have good interpersonal relationship. If you are a student, the dream means you will be accomplished in study and make gratifying results. If you are going to start a business, the dream implies it is the right time and you might as well start with your courage and wisdom. If you are hard up, the dream implies the situation will be changed and you will get unexpected gift or money.
Dream about the sun going down implies a sudden upturn and you should take the chance to scale new heights in career.
The dream of dazzling sunlight suggests declining luck and you may argue with a friend on trivial matters, or lose money, and feel sad for trivial matters.
The dream of dim, rotating or fleeing sun reminds you that your family might be in trouble.
The dream of sunset is a good sign of recovering what you have previously lost or a blessing in disguise.
The dream of sun exploding suggests you will have good luck and get to know more friends by taking part in social activities.
The dream of a room full of sunshine shows that you are living a happy life, in a good love relationship or enjoying health.
The dream of grey cloud masked sun reminds you that you will be in bad days or meet something bad, such as obstacles in career or health risks. Have a good rest and never flaunt your superiority in work or social activities, or you may fall sick from overwork.
The dream of sun eclipse reminds you to notice the health of your relatives or yourself and someone may have a minor illness. But don't worry about it too much, because the eclipse never lasts long and it is not a sign of serious illness; go to a hospital to get cured. In addition, eclipse may also indicate other changes in your life: for example, some interference in your marriage life, certain economic losses, or momentary hard time making you upset. If you are a wife, the dream of partial solar eclipse suggests that your son may get sick or your husband's income will decrease.
The dream of the sun shining in the rain implies you will gain in one thing and lose in another and indicates you may have a trouble in love relationship or have a money dispute with others.
The dream of a black sun indicates your melancholy, despair or crazy mood.
The dream of the sun and the moon together in the sky suggests you will win public respect.
The dream of sleeping under the hot sun predicts you may be in a big trouble or a hard time but will put it over as long as you hold on.
The dream of swallowing the sun is a sign of pregnancy.

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