Dream about Stars Meaning

In ancient times, our ancestors looked at the stars and prayed, and the crew found directions with stars. Usually, star is regarded as a symbol of friendship. The dream about a starry night or twinkling stars suggest that your dream or hope will come true. The dream of stars will bring you good luck and suggests you will enjoy wealth and fame. Also, it means you will get very rich.
If you saw an extremely bright star or sparkling stars in the dream, it means you will finish a difficult task or achieve a goal beyond expectation with the help and encouragement of a different sex friend.

For patients, the dream about sparkling stars suggests you will recover in the near future.
The dream about faint stars suggests the good luck for wealth.
The dream about ephemeral stars also suggests success yet it won't come as quick as you expect.
The dream about shining stars in the moonlit sky indicates you will defeat the rival. For married women, the dream suggests harmonious and happy marriage life. For bachelorettes, the dream means you will be looked after sincerely no matter where you go.
The dream about twinkling stars in a row suggests you will become quite popular and get promotion and salary raise.
The dream about a lonely twinkling star in the sky suggests a joyful event and indicates you will be accepted widely and get famous.
The dream about stars around the moon suggests what you have planned for years will come true with the help of others.
The dream about a sky full of stars with a bright moon suggests good luck and happiness.
If the shining star suddenly disappeared in your dream, it reminds you that you may fall ill or get injured in sports or have a traffic accident, so be careful recently. 
If the bright stars were covered by clouds in your dream, it reminds you to take care of yourself as you may fall ill.
The dream about riding on a comet suggests something good will happen unexpectedly and make you quite happy.
The dream about stars jumping into your wallet implies you may have enough money recently and may go shopping as you wish.
The dream about picking stars suggests you will get a turning point in life which will lead to a promising future. 
The dream about flying to the stars suggests you will enter a new phase in life or career and find a brand new and hopeful world ahead.
The dream about stars falling from sky suggests your boss or leader may have an accident. If you are a boss, it reminds you to keep an eye on accident.
The dream about meteors indicates the change of residence or occupation, or a love affair.
The dream about swallowing a star means you may get pregnant.

Dreams Associated with Stock Market
The dream about stars in your arms reminds you to sell the shares immediately. If you caught stars in the dream, it means you'd better buy at a low price for the next day.

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