Dream Meaning about Rain

Dreaming about the rain represents harvest and achievement. Sometimes, it is also a symbol of obstacle because the rain may hinder you from going out or hinder your original plan and decision.

What is the meaning if you dream about rain?

Dreaming about the Rain

● Dreaming about the heavy rain indicates that you will encounter obstacles in career.

● Dreaming about a violent storm indicates that you will get a good income from your work.

● Dreaming about a violent storm was coming is auspicious because it indicates one after another good luck.

● A woman dreaming about a violent storm indicates that her family will have difficulties.

● A pregnant woman dreaming about the rain indicates that she will give birth to a baby girl.

● A businessman dreaming about the rain indicates the business loss.

● A patient dreaming about the rain indicates that he/she will be bedridden.

● A farmer dreaming about the rain is an auspicious sign which indicates the harvest.

● A traveler dreaming about the rain indicates the travel will end in a satisfactory way.
Lovers’ Dreaming about the Rain

● The continuous rain indicates your sweet relationship and your lover is sincere to you, thus you can trust him/her.

● The heavy rain indicates your lover may hide something from you and he/she is not really into you.

● Dreaming about a rainstorm indicates that your love will encounter a significant impact and you are helpless for the current situation.

Interpretation to the Rain Dreams with Different Scenarios

● Dreaming about yourself walking with an umbrella in the rain suggests that you will have something happy recently and you will have good luck in love. Maybe an unfamiliar friend or colleague of you will become the one you love.

● Dreaming about walking with your lover in the rain suggests that you may easily break up with your lover. At this time, you should not quarrel with your lover, or it may lead to breakup.

● Dreaming about getting wet in the sudden shower suggests that you will get a windfall making you glad or probably win a lottery.

● Dreaming about being soaked in the rain suggests that you have no desire to learn and you hate study very much.

● Dreaming about yourself running in a pouring rain suggests that your situation will be better.

● Dreaming about crossing a river in the rain indicates your booming luck in love and you will be loved by more than one person, making you so flattered that you cannot handle it.

● Dreaming about climbing in the rain indicates that you will have troubles in interpersonal relationship. In addition to the friendship rift, you will have unfavorable relationships with your teachers, parents, brothers, etc. At this moment, you should be modest in dealing with people.

● Dreaming about the leaky ceiling reminds you that you should pay attention to the health of your digestive system and be careful about the indigestion caused by overeating or the enteritis caused by eating the leftovers in the refrigerator.

● Dreaming about flowers and plants getting wet in the rain indicates that you will get good out of misfortune. It suggests that you may encounter some troubles or sorrows, but they will be settled satisfactorily at last; you may even shake and make up with the lost friend.

● Dreaming about animals in the rain suggests the coming writing inspiration. If you write articles at this time, you will be full of inspirations, so you can write a love letter to the one you love or contribute to the newspaper.

Lastest Questions and Answers

Storm Rain/ White Tiger (1 Reply ) Asked by S***

I Dreamt of Laying down Watching a storm of Rain, Then rain stopped there was a blue Circle in the sky, then Opened up so wide and I saw a big animal like a white Tiger so angry stands on the edge of the sky while looking at me like it’s going to attack me and or other people.

Rain and mirror dream (1 Reply ) Asked by B***

Dreamed of myself and my loved one being chased by a stormy rain behind us till we got to a "T" junction then every side we turned to, the rain was there so later someone touched the rain and we saw the raining stopped chasing us so we walked through that road without getting wet.Then after that l also saw a broken dirty mirror but I didn't look inside the mirror so it didn't have any reflection

Heavy rain and family member and grandchild come out not wet I'm looking at rain (0 Reply ) Asked by B***y

Heavy rain I'm marveled at the downed pore and a family member and child come out of it unwet

Inside some familiar yet unfamiliar temple getting locked, more like a "Hunted" (0 Reply ) Asked by A***i

I usually don't remember many dreams but this one is really special. There is this one temple that i usually used to go for evening walk. Since it's been long time i haven't gone there because of quarantine. Last night, i dreamed about it but unlike real, it was really different but i could tell that it was similar to that. But this time, something was different. There is this one room where nobody usually goes so i and some of my friends decided to go there. Just before we entered it looked creepy yet we all entered there. And when we did, we all got locked. After that, we panicked and some even cried. Though i don't remember everyone name and face... we went ahead and there was this laughing sound coming from inside and unfortunately we reach to the top of the mountain and there is this one game of puzzle that we need to figure out but there are dead skelton bones of human everywhere. Some one among my team stared to cry seeing those skelton of humans. I also got scared but we decided to play this game of figuring out the puzzle and solving the puzzle. I even know which game we played. it was the game of water where there are buttons behind statues of gods and find the right button and getting the water flow from certain place. After that we move on to next level. Almost as if it was a level up game. Then, next was a exercise game where you have to complete certain task like running certain miles, doing push ups and set ups. Unfortunately there were those run mills which i have never seen in real life myself except for images. After completing all the exercise, time rapidly passes and after really long time, the goal reaches to certain point and we decide to return to the entrance from where we entered but there is this one, invisible wall that we cannot pass through. And that strange laugh again comes form inside somewhere. And we understand why we are not being able to pass through that wall. It's because it was not a complete team. There is one person missing and we all realize that meaning of teamwork the suddenly a glowing girl passes through that invisible wall and after that, i force myself in and we all get to go outside. Unfortunately, there is this one huge door that get smaller and smaller as we run towards and as i am the last person, the door finally gets closed and i am successful to get past that wall. And the voice inside of the building shouts "No..." really loudly... The Story doesn't end there, after that... there is this one friend of mine wants to go inside of that strange building seeing our body. By the way, with all the exercise, we look physically fit like body builder but more like average body. Perfectly fit that, everybody wants to try that game so they could achieve the same body like mine. It's strange but for his sake, i also enter with him. This time the voice welcomes me again and laughs... Unlike last time, this time it gets easier for me even the puzzle game was changed this time and since i am more familiar with the process, it get's more like a entertaining and no more like a hunted house. We didn't panicked like last time because, they had someone who was already experienced with such thing. But the exercise, we had to do it with our own effort... This time i didn't left anyone behind and we all were able to pass that invisible door easily with everyone having that fit body of theirs. They, said that, it was worth it. The voice started to sound more friendlier than what it used to. After that, the place which used to be hunted and known for the place where nobody can return is now a place for people to go and maintain their body as the rumor about how to pass the game was spreading. I am stilling thanking that glowing lady that helped me to pass that invisible wall when i was stuck inside with no hope at all. I also got to realize my mistake of leaving someone behind. That voice of cave started to sound familiar with me and one day, when i was at the peak of the the temple, there is this one person who says that, now i shall pass the responsibility of this temple to you as it was you can handle this peace like what it is now. But i refuse as i have certain goal in life which is far more important than looking after this magical temple. So i refuse the offer to proceed to my goal and suddenly the lighting strikes and it's sound wakes me up in the middle of the night. I don't know why, but it suddenly makes me so determined to work on my project. But since it's middle of the night, i sleep back enjoying the rain and cold wind blowing from the window to my face. It's the first time i remembered a dream so detailed or you can say, first time dreaming after really really long time...!

What is dream about my friend risking to walk in the rain and drown immediately? (1 Reply ) Asked by K***o

I dreamt about sitting in a room with my friends, then one of them insisted on leaving for home by running through the rain. She slipped and drowned then the flood water instantly started flowing away forcefully. She struggled to swim away but was overpowered. Instead of sinking, something came and snatched her and turned her into white smoke