Dreams about Tree

Generally, the dream about tree has auspicious meanings. In the interpretation of dreams, trunk means health and branch means a certain part of human body. However, this is not always the case. The leafy tree symbolizes vigorous youth. On the contrary, the dried tree symbolizes old, weakness and exhaustion.
In many cultures, trees are the reflection of the universe and the heart. The dream about a tree with neat and beautiful branches symbolizes you always keep things in order and has a good sense of order. If the tree had unkempt branches and leaves in the dream, it indicates that you have a disorderly personality and poor organization. If the tree had a twisted trunk, it shows your inner madness. From the perspective of psychological analysis, if you can accurately understand your life tree, you will be able to better give play to your ability and improve your life and personality.
In dreams, the image of tree is also closely related to pedigree, inheritance, breeding and harvest.
The dream about tree root suggests that you have solid practical skills or something is going to change in your life and you are about to start a new life.
The dream about tree trunk suggests you have a strong influence on the surrounding.
The dream about branches means you are gentle and lovely.
The dream about a tall and straight tree suggests you will enjoy good health.
The dream about a lush tree suggests you will have a thriving and big family. For men, the dream about a lush tree suggests you will get promoted and develop the career smoothly; for married women, the dream suggests you will get pregnant and have a noble baby; for unmarried women, the dream suggests you will marry a rich man; for businessmen, the dream suggests flourishing business and wealth; for a patient, the dream suggests you will recuperate soon.
The dream about a flowering tree suggests you will encounter something joyful unexpectedly.
The dream about a tree with fruits implies you will have a lot of money and good interpersonal relationship, and get along well with both new and old friends. 
The dream about a tree breaking through the roof suggests everything will wrong.
The dream about a bended tree suggests one of your siblings will be in distress.
The dream about a fallen tree or a tree falling is a bad omen of sickness or danger. It reminds you that you will be dogged by bad luck and need to do more good deeds for better luck.
The dream about a withering tree suggests poor luck. You look happy but actually suffer from many agonizing things.
The dream about a withered tree suggests you will encounter a misfortune or suffer from illness.
If a withered tree suddenly bloomed in your dream, it means you will get out of the bottom of life, get back what you have lost and usher in the good days.
The dream of a forest indicates a rich and happy life.
The dream about tall trees suggests good health.
The dream about a sapling suggests everything will develop in good direction and you will enjoy a happy life with no worry.
The dream about grafting saplings suggests good health and happiness of a family union.
The dream about planting trees is a sign of love and friendship and it means you are progressing in interpersonal communication, which will bring you unexpected good luck, such as the visit of an elder with gift.
The dream about cutting down trees is a sign of danger which means you are creating a dilemma for yourself. The dream about cutting a sapling suggests that someone you hate will make a trouble. The dream about cutting down a giant tree implies the financial losses.
The dream about climbing a tree indicates you are making a plan and employing capital to achieve a goal and reminds you that offering help to others may not necessarily bring you reward.
If you sit on a tree and could not come down in the dream, it means your career may decline.

Dream about Different Kind of Trees

The dream about a pomegranate tree suggests you will lead a happy life. 
The dream about a plum tree full of fruits suggests you will stand out at work and get recognition from the leadership.
The dream about a locust tree implies an affection or secret hidden in your heart and you don't want to reveal it to anyone.
The dream about an oak tree reveals your subconscious desire to seek physical protection or spiritual protection and guidance.
The dream about a tall fir tree is a sign of good health.
The dream about a pine tree symbolizes big fortune and great profit. The bigger and more luxuriant the pine tree is, the more joys will be in your family.
The dream about a willow tree often suggests the loss of a friend and reminds you to watch an affair.

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I have had a dream where I was being protected by three tigers that could change into being human. The dream had one of the tigers as the leader who I was sat with under a tree and reading to him with the other two younger tigers outside and playing. When the two other tigers (one male and one female) came home they were told off by the leader tiger for playing when they are supposed to be protecting. Then the next thing we were all in the house and asleep there was a knock on the door, I thought everyone was asleep and thought I would get in trouble if I open the door but thought it should be ok and it would be better than waking anyone up. Then as soon as I open the door the leader tiger turned from his human form into a tiger and jumped at what was standing at the door. Does this have an explanation? I thank you in advance for your help.

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