Dream About Apples Meanings

What does it mean when you dream of apples? The sweet apple is a symbol of wealth, success and longevity. The dream of apple symbolizes peace, tranquility and beauty.
Psychological Interpretation of Apple in the Dream:
Apple in the dream always means reproduction and love. Generally, apple also has the meaning of attempt. In China, it represents peace and beauty. From the perspective of spirit, apple implies a fresh start. If you clearly sensed the sweet apple in the dream, it predicts wealth. On the other hand, the dream symbolizes the nostalgia for the old innocent days.
The dream about red apples suggests you will have good luck, obtain a windfall or get popular among the opposite sex. 
The dream about green apples suggests you will see a lot of opportunities in career, waiting for you to seize.
The dream about eating apples suggests you will try something and have a desire to acquire knowledge. If you are suffering from a disease, the dream indicates that you have been out of danger.
The dream about eating red apples suggests the wish deep in your heart may come true.
The dream about many ripe apples suggests getting the unexpected fortune, winning the lottery or finding the hidden treasure. Also, it indicates you may become famous overnight and have a successful official career.
If you are a married woman, the dream about ripe apples is a good sign which suggests you may get pregnant.
The dream about unripe or rotten apples suggests a financial loss, disease or trouble in the family.
The dream about an apple tree suggests innumerable great achievements and it is a symbol of harvest and good fortune.
The dream about picking apples suggests a harvest or promotion. Also, it indicates you will get promoted or have your business go well with high profits.
The dream about buying apples suggests you get proud from the applause and indicates you should chase after the one you love. Meanwhile, the dream suggests you will make good performance and benefit from it, or feel satisfied for your work/study performance.
The dream about stealing apples implies an immoral sexual relationship, or the desire for an affair and incest.
Pregnant Women Dreaming about the Apple
The dream about apples suggests a pretty baby girl and good luck.
The dream about an apple tree suggests a lovely and healthy baby, most probably baby boy.
The dream about red apples suggests both mother and baby will be healthy and the happy family.
The dream about green apples indicates poor luck recently and reminds you to beware of the health of yourself and your baby and to avoid unnecessary risks.
The dream about picking apples suggests the birth of a baby. The more decent the apples are, the smarter, prettier and more competent your baby will be in the future.
The dream about eating apples suggests a bright and beautiful baby girl.
The dream about buying apples suggests a lovely baby girl blessed with health and happiness.
If your husband gave you two apples in the dream, it means you will probably have twins or multiple births.

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