Dream about Orange

What does orange represent in dreams? Orange is always associated with luck. Bright and golden, orange in dream is a symbol of good luck.
The dream about plump and golden orange suggests you will have good luck.
The dream about ripe orange suggests you will be hit by good luck and surprise. If you are a single woman, the dream about ripe orange suggests you will win the good fame.
The dream about many lush orange trees full of ripe oranges suggests health and success.
The dream about unripe orange reminds you to watch your health as you may fall ill.
If you are a married man, the dream about buying oranges suggests you will marry a pretty young woman if remarry; if you are a bachelor, the dream suggests you will marry a healthy and beautiful woman; if you are a bachelorette, the dream suggests you will be the mistress of a married man; if you are a patient, the dream of buying oranges suggests you will recover soon; if your wife asked you to buy oranges and she ate oranges in the dream, it means the annoying complex factors will translate into favorable conditions.
The dream about giving someone an orange suggests you will be loved and praised by others. If you are a man, the dream indicates you will strive for further improvement in career. If you are a woman, it means you are quite sociable and attractive to the opposite sex.
The dream about someone giving you an orange indicates you will have good luck or expect a surprise.
The dream about peeling an orange or squeezing the orange juice indicates the profitable business.
The dream about eating oranges suggests you will be troubled by the illness of a friend or relative and the dissatisfaction with each other at work will prevail. Also, it indicates the gastrointestinal problem caused by limited rest from overwork and reminds you to take more rest. For a man, the dream about eating an orange is a good omen of happy life while for a woman, it suggests you will find the Mr. Right. If the orange looked and tasted good, the dream suggests your bad luck will go away.
The dream about picking oranges suggests you will be blessed to succeed or achieve your goals. The dream about picking ripe oranges suggests you will make many good friends but shall keep a low key to maintain the current good luck. For a businessman, the dream about picking oranges suggests good luck for windfalls; for a single man or woman, it suggests you may have an affair with someone married or in love at a party and shall keep away from those occasions to avoid breaking their relationship; if you are married, the dream about picking oranges suggests your family will be in health and get the unexpected surprise; if you are an office worker, the dream is an evil sign which means you have been absent-minded at work and may make some mistakes.
The dream about picking unripe oranges suggests you may fall ill and shall beware of it.
The dream about stepping on the orange peel and slipping suggests the death of a relative.
The dream about someone destroying the orange orchard suggests you will be threatened by several foes in many ways. Therefore, you are suggested to watch the competitors in business and avoid risks timely to save the day.
Pregnant Women Dreaming about Orange
The dream about an orange indicates good luck and a baby boy.
The dream about a bright and golden orange suggests good luck in the near future, as orange is a symbol of lucky strike.
The dream about eating oranges suggests you will have a smart baby boy.
The dream about picking oranges suggests the smooth delivery of a healthy baby.
The dream about many oranges suggests you will spend the pregnancy safely.
The dream about green oranges reminds you to watch your health.

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