Dream about Watermelon

In mental analysis, watermelon is a symbol of wealth and rich life in dream.
From the perspective of psychoanalysis, watermelon symbolizes human relationship and experience in dream.
The round, big and juicy watermelon is regarded as a symbol of fortune. Since watermelon has a lot of seeds, the dream about watermelon often predicts the multiple births or boy and girl twins if you are pregnant.
The dream about ripe watermelon suggests everything will go well, added income or making a fortune. 
The dream about raw watermelon is a sign of something dangerous or bad.
The dream about a watermelon on the vine reminds you to make friend carefully to avoid troubles in the future.
The dream about a big or giant watermelon suggests you should insist on for the harvest after hardships.
If someone grabbed your watermelon in the dream, it means you may suffer a lawsuit and lose the case which will cost you a lot. 
The dream about watermelon patch suggests you will get good luck or windfall but should use it properly.
The dream about watermelon seeds suggests surprise and successive good things; someone may give you a gift with the special excuse which is a little funny, making you relax from the boring life.
The dream about buying watermelon is a good sign of happy life. If you are sick, the dream means you will recover soon.
The dream about eating watermelon is a propitious sign of making a fortune and suggests you will succeed at the seaside. If you are sick, the dream means you still need to suffer some days before recovery and find it difficult to recover.
The dream about cutting watermelon indicates you will be blessed recently and get good results if you have a good idea or want to try something new, so seize the opportunity firmly.
If you are married, the dream about cutting watermelon suggests you will go on a long and hard journey in the near future.
If you are in business, the dream about cutting watermelon suggests good fortune and good results in business and reminds you to be prudent and conservative in large investment.
If you are a patient, the dream about cutting watermelon suggests frustrated luck and reminds you to be careful in the face of difficulties and dangers and take action where necessary.
If you are a mother-to-be, the dream about cutting watermelon is a good sign which indicates you will deliver thru cesarean section and have a healthy baby.
The dream about cutting watermelon with a knife suggests average fortune and unstable luck in making money; it suggests you often spend lavishly and reminds you to hold a prudent attitude towards shopping and money, or you will fail to make ends meet.
The dream about cutting watermelon and sharing with others suggests you might be in conflict with your partner or spouse and silence won't settle the problem, so say it out or the issue will be even more serious.