Dreams Predicting Baby Girl

Pregnancy Dreams Predicting Baby Girl

Following are dreams predicting you may get a baby girl.

About Animals:

●Carp: Dreaming of the carp predicts the girl you have will be standing out in talent and skill, beautiful and talented.

●Shrimp: If you see shrimp in dream, you have more chances of getting a baby girl.

●Cow: The cow or a docile ox in the dream indicates you will have a baby girl. If there is a calf following behind you, it hints the girl will be clever and lovely.

●Horse: The dreaming of riding on a running white horse means you will get a baby girl.

●Egg: If you dream an egg or many eggs, there would be high chances to get baby girl.

●Butterfly: Dreaming of butterfly or butterflies dancing among the flowers indicates you will get a female baby.

●Pigeon: Pigeon in the dream also is an indication of baby girl.

●Mandarin Duck: If you see mandarin ducks in the dream, the girl you get will be beautiful.

●Sparrow: Dreaming of sparrows flying into your room or flying to your arms indicates you will get a common girl.

●Dragon: Dreaming of dragon tail or touching dragon tail is an indication of getting a pretty girl. If you take the dragon’s body in your arms, it’s also an auspicious dream indicating a beautiful girl.

●Tiger: Tiger running into your room or it takes hold of you indicates you will get a baby girl with great wit in the future.

About Fruits and Plants:

●Strawberry, Tomato: Dreaming of strawberry or tomato both indicate the birth of baby girl.

●Apple: Apple is usually a hint of beautiful girl.

●Cabbage: Cabbage in the dream usually is the indication of baby girl.

●Ginseng: The small ginseng with thick hairs indicates a high chance of getting baby girl.

●Cherry: If you get some cherry in the dream, you will get a beautiful girl.

●Flower: Dreaming of receiving some flowers from someone, the flowers in full bloom, or standing in the flowers are all auspicious hints of pretty and lovely girls.

●Willow: If you finger willows in the dream, you will get a baby girl.

●Plum Blossom: Dreaming of plum blossom indicates you will get a determined girl.

About Celestial Body and Nature:

●Moon: In general, moon in the dream indicates girl and son boy. Dreaming of the moon in your arm or the large and round moon indicates you will get a girl of gifts. Also, if you see sun in dream but found it’s moon after touching it, it shows you will get a baby girl.

●Lake or Sea: The silent lake, sea or reservoir in the dream is the hint of getting baby girl. Also, if you pray on the sea, you will have a girl.

●Fields or Plains: The vast fields or plains in the dream also are the indication of baby girl.

●Rosy Clouds: If you see two rosy clouds in dream, the girl you get will be endowed with both wit and beauty, as well as good fortune in life.

About Gold and Jewels:

●Getting some gold ornaments or gold ring predicts you will get a pretty girl.

●Dreaming of getting cosmetics predicts the birth of a baby girl with good looks.

●Dreaming of the jewel or the jewel in hands with even numbers predicts the birth of a baby girl.

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