Dreams Predicting Baby Girl

Pregnancy Dreams Predicting Baby Girl

Following are dreams predicting you may get a baby girl.

About Animals:

●Carp: Dreaming of the carp predicts the girl you have will be standing out in talent and skill, beautiful and talented.

●Shrimp: If you see shrimp in dream, you have more chances of getting a baby girl.

●Cow: The cow or a docile ox in the dream indicates you will have a baby girl. If there is a calf following behind you, it hints the girl will be clever and lovely.

●Horse: The dreaming of riding on a running white horse means you will get a baby girl.

●Egg: If you dream an egg or many eggs, there would be high chances to get baby girl.

●Butterfly: Dreaming of butterfly or butterflies dancing among the flowers indicates you will get a female baby.

●Pigeon: Pigeon in the dream also is an indication of baby girl.

●Mandarin Duck: If you see mandarin ducks in the dream, the girl you get will be beautiful.

●Sparrow: Dreaming of sparrows flying into your room or flying to your arms indicates you will get a common girl.

●Dragon: Dreaming of dragon tail or touching dragon tail is an indication of getting a pretty girl. If you take the dragon’s body in your arms, it’s also an auspicious dream indicating a beautiful girl.

●Tiger: Tiger running into your room or it takes hold of you indicates you will get a baby girl with great wit in the future.

About Fruits and Plants:

●Strawberry, Tomato: Dreaming of strawberry or tomato both indicate the birth of baby girl.

●Apple: Apple is usually a hint of beautiful girl.

●Cabbage: Cabbage in the dream usually is the indication of baby girl.

●Ginseng: The small ginseng with thick hairs indicates a high chance of getting baby girl.

●Cherry: If you get some cherry in the dream, you will get a beautiful girl.

●Flower: Dreaming of receiving some flowers from someone, the flowers in full bloom, or standing in the flowers are all auspicious hints of pretty and lovely girls.

●Willow: If you finger willows in the dream, you will get a baby girl.

●Plum Blossom: Dreaming of plum blossom indicates you will get a determined girl.

About Celestial Body and Nature:

●Moon: In general, moon in the dream indicates girl and son boy. Dreaming of the moon in your arm or the large and round moon indicates you will get a girl of gifts. Also, if you see sun in dream but found it’s moon after touching it, it shows you will get a baby girl.

●Lake or Sea: The silent lake, sea or reservoir in the dream is the hint of getting baby girl. Also, if you pray on the sea, you will have a girl.

●Fields or Plains: The vast fields or plains in the dream also are the indication of baby girl.

●Rosy Clouds: If you see two rosy clouds in dream, the girl you get will be endowed with both wit and beauty, as well as good fortune in life.

About Gold and Jewels:

●Getting some gold ornaments or gold ring predicts you will get a pretty girl.

●Dreaming of getting cosmetics predicts the birth of a baby girl with good looks.

●Dreaming of the jewel or the jewel in hands with even numbers predicts the birth of a baby girl.

Lastest Questions and Answers

people dress in red (0 Reply ) Asked by m***j

hi, i am currently pregnant, and last night I've had a dream of people around me wearing red dresses. does this mean wealth fortune coming in or does it just symbolize I'm having a girl? thanks.

dream about fire burn and monk (0 Reply ) Asked by N***N

around 1.00am, I dreamed I was ironing my saree, when I lifted the iron to iron the saree, I saw the iron was too hot, then I kept the iron on a small board, after that I realized there was a little. fire burns on the surface of the wood. suddenly in my dream the iron turned into a cement stove, inside the cement stove and there were some clothes on fire, I lifted the stove outside the house, and put the cement stove in front of our china house. suddenly I dreamed that my youngest son came into my room, my husband invited him to sleep next to me, and my dream changed, an Indian monk with a Malay girl came to our house, in front of the house the Indian monk stood while the girl. pointing at my husband, me and my brother-in-law while shaking hands with us, after dreaming like this I woke up from sleep around 1.19am.

Boy dream (0 Reply ) Asked by h***k

A Woman Man I Didn't See Her Face In My Dream I gave birth to a child, they gave my child to me Disappointed when I saw it was a man My First Child Was A Boy. Secondly I Thought It'd Be A Girl Then The Newborn I took care of my son. Let It Be Soft On You I Said You Are My Son

I've dreamed that a celebrity was my mom. (0 Reply ) Asked by L***s

Last night i've dreamed about a celebrity who i really admire being my mother, she is a famous singer who as of 2021, is 28 years old (this is written before she turns 28). she began her career as actress and started to build up a singing career. The thing that most intrigued me is that i remember every single thing about this dream, i attended one of her shows, and she called me backstage before it started, she hugged me as tight as she could, and said "i can't believe i've finally found you darling" and i hugged her back. Then she told me about my birth, and what happened, basically she said she suffered an attack and was sex*ally violated when she was 14. She then said she was pregnant, but when given a chance for ab*rtion she said no. So she gave birth to a girl on my birthday, but they took her away before she could even see her right, then she never saw her daughter again. After that she initiated her show and told the public about me, she hugged me on the stage with so much love and everyone cheered, and then she looked at me in the eyes and said, "I love you, okay? a lot." Then i woke up, and i remember every detail of it, I’m actually so intrigued by this dream i don't even know what else to say, can somebody help me?

People bullied me in my dream (0 Reply ) Asked by l***s

I had a dream where a young girl around my age screamed in my face saying I was ugly and fat repeatedly. I remember in the dream, I felt sad but very used to it. Someone had tried to defend me but I only felt embarrassed. What does this mean?