Pregnancy Dreams

What are Pregnancy Dreams?

Pregnancy dream refers to the dream associated with pregnancy and birth of the baby. It can not only predict the baby's gender but also his/her fate, talent, character, job, etc. in the future. Since the ancient times, both eastern and western countries have attached importance to pregnancy dreams. For parents looking forward to baby's birth, the pregnancy dream is of great significance.

When to have Pregnancy Dreams?

In general, pregnancy dreams happen during the early months, middle and the last period of pregnancy. Occasionally, it happens before getting pregnant. It less happens after the baby is born.

Interpret the Pregnancy Dream

There is no scientific way to explain the accuracy of pregnancy dreams. But many people would like to know their unborn babies’ gender through the dream they have during pregnancy. Chinese people think if you see carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, potato, snake, turtle, tiger etc., in the dream, it mostly indicates you would get a baby boy. While, egg, strawberry, butterfly, apple, tomato, plum flower, pigeon etc. in the dream show you may have a baby girl in most cases. Following are the dreams predicting baby boy and baby girl. If you have pregnancy dreams, you could see in which one it appears to predict your baby’s gender.
Pregnancy Dreams Predicting Baby Boy/Male Baby
Pregnancy Dreams Predicting Baby Girl/Female Baby

Who are likely to have Pregnancy Dreams?

The pregnant mother, the husband, the grandparents, the family relatives, the un-contacted neighbors, even any stranger only known by the name are likely to have pregnancy dreams.

Relationship between Pregnancy Dreams and Baby’s Gender

Dream is a physiological phenomenon, also a psychological phenomenon and it is related to the dreamer's desire and emotional state and the recent irritant events. However, the baby's gender is not determined by the parents' desire; more often, pregnancy dream is an extension of a certain mental activity of the pregnant mother or her family members in sleep, or some kind of desire they want to achieve.

How to distinguish whether it’s a pregnancy dream?

In general, if it’s a pregnancy dream, you could clearly remember its content after your wake up. Although many years even several decades later, it’s still very clear in your mind liking you just had yesterday.

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