Dream about Pumpkin Meanings

The dream about pumpkin suggests good health and happy family life. In addition, it may indicate that you hate secular life and restrictions and desire for free life. Also, you are good at innovation and don't like to think, work or deal with details in the same way as others in daily life.
From the perspective of psychology, pumpkin is a symbol of harvest and the dream about ripe pumpkins is even more auspicious - because it indicates that you will be rewarded or make new achievements in work and life, hence will live better and more substantially.
For men, the dream about pumpkin suggests you will meet with success in work or career. 
For women, the dream about pumpkin suggests you will enjoy the happy family life, be loved by your husband or get pregnant.
If you are going to take an exam, the dream about pumpkin reminds you that you don't need to cheat on the exam and you will get the satisfactory results.
The dream about a giant pumpkin on the vine suggests you will be blessed to get good results.
The dream about taking back a basket of pumpkins from the patch full of pumpkins bodes something bad.
The dream about eating pumpkin shows your yearning and pursuit of freedom.
The dream about plucking pumpkins is an ill omen which means you will get into trouble for the dissolute life.
The dream about picking a ripe pumpkin suggests the decline of your luck in behaviors and reminds you to be prudent rather than rash in words and deeds. Otherwise, you will make a fool of yourself or embarrass yourself.
For office workers, the dream about picking a pumpkin means you have your own secret plans at work and dislike the interference or help of others, making your coworkers feel you are quite mysterious.
The dream about eating delicious pumpkin rice indicates you will live a beautiful life.