Dreams about Pineapple

Pineapple, sweet, sour, refreshing and thirst-quenching, is a symbol of money in dreams. In the interpretation of dreams, pineapple symbolizes harvest.
From the perspective of psychology, the dream about pineapple shows your strong desire for good things and inner pursuit of wealth and money.
Dreaming about pineapple implies you will get something and have good luck in making money.
For the bachelor, the dream about pineapple indicates you will marry an exceedingly beautiful wife; for the married women, the dream suggests you will get pregnant and deliver a pretty baby boy.
The dream about unripe pineapple suggests you may fall ill and need to keep an eye on your health.
The dream about eating pineapple implies you are strong and will live long. For children, the dream about eating pineapple suggests family happiness. For businessmen, the dream about eating pineapple implies a booming business.
The dream about eating unripe pineapple reminds you to watch your health as you may fall ill.
The dream about eating decayed pineapple implies you may get frustrated in business and need to change the business strategy.
The dream about planting pineapple implies you will make a considerable fortune in the near future.
The dream about picking pineapple indicates you will succeed soon.
The dream about receiving a pineapple from someone suggests you will have good news. 
The dream about giving someone a pineapple suggests you will become well-known everywhere.
The dream about selling pineapple reminds you that something bad will happen and you may have a tough time.
The dream about throwing away pineapple reminds you to deal with your friends properly, or you will break off.
The dream about picking up pineapple implies everything will go well with you.
The dream about drinking pineapple juice indicates you will run the business successfully.
If your fingers were hurt when peeling the pineapple in the dream, it means you will experience many twists and turns before the complete success of something.
Pregnant Women Dreaming about Pineapple:
The dream about pineapple suggests you are more likely to have a baby girl, will have good luck for wealth recently and make considerable money, so take the chance.
The dream about eating pineapple is an auspicious sign which suggests your baby is healthy and will enjoy good health and a long life in the future.
The dream about eating unripe pineapple indicates someone in your family will fall sick seriously and reminds you to watch more about the health of yourself, your baby and your family, and give them some care and love.
The dream about buying pineapple implies a rich and happy life. 
The dream about giving someone a pineapple is a bad sign which suggests you will quarrel with someone and need to watch your manners to avoid the disagreement with someone arising from misunderstanding or conflict.
The dream about receiving a pineapple from someone suggests you will be blessed and get help from others when you are in low days.

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