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I am currently pregnant and had a dream of a man ringing my door and when I looked through the whole I saw a man standing with a belt wrapped around his arm as in he wanted to come into my house for assault and aggression. He was without a top. I got my friend who was also in my house (please note she's also pregnant in real life) to escape. He actually opens the door himself, we run out and he runs in and there is snow outside my house. I know snow means boy (I desperately want a girl I have 2 boys already) but a) we didn't step in the snow and b) in real life my house is surrounded by snow and lots of it (I live in canada) so it's no surprise I dreamt of it. What are your thoughts? I'm so sad that it looks like I'm having a boy after this dream.

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Hi Kathy Dee,

Yes, in dream interpretation, for pregnant woman, dreaming about snow indicates she will get a strong and healthy boy.

As in real life your house is surrounded by snow, so this dream may also caused because you see snow during the daytime. So, it may don't have the meaning of getting baby boy.

Don't think too much about this dream. You may get a girl.

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