Dream Meaning of Taking an Exam or Test

Generally speaking, the dream about taking an exam or test is echoes of inner anxiety caused by examinations during your school days. Such a dream suggests that, you are under the stress in work or life, which is similar with the "exam" in the past. In fact, it often appears the day before you show others your strengths or accomplishments in face of risks, or something you have to bear the consequences, such as job interview, evaluation, report, important business, blind date or dating. The stress, therefore, subconsciously arouses the similar experience in the past and reappears in your dream. Dreaming about taking an exam without a pen or admission ticket even intensely shows the anxiety.
It is also possible that everything goes well and you are living an easy life, but you have such a dream, in which you were as nervous as in school days. In this case, the dream is actually a way to release the previous anxiety in your subconscious.

The dream about taking an exam or test basically indicates you will be successful in reality.

For candidates, the dream about taking an exam suggests the best result;

For females, the dream about taking an exam suggests great pressure from work and family;
For males, the dream about taking an exam suggests you are too busy at work and easily provoked and should calm down;
If you are single, the dream suggests you will fall in love yet still need to be careful;
For males, the dream also suggests your career will go well and you will meet someone helpful.
Failing an Exam 
Dreaming about failing an exam suggests your ideal will come true.
For candidates, the dream about getting a bad exam result and failing the exam suggests you will get good marks. 
Dreaming about handing in a blank examination paper is a sign of good luck.
Passing an Exam
Dreaming about passing the exam and getting the first in the exam suggests you will have pretty good luck, and a friend may offer you the opportunity to make money.
Dreaming about getting a full mark at the exam suggests you will get more popular and shine in a team activity.
Cheating in an Exam
Dreaming about cheating in an examination shows your anxiety about being unable to display your ability and your lack of confidence in something. Usually, it suggests you lack in confidence about certain inescapable difficulty or challenge. For students, the dream about cheating on an examination suggests the results will be dissatisfactory.
Exam Unprepared
If you are a student, the dream about taking an exam unprepared generally presents the real exam. If you are not a student, the exam in your dream usually presents a test of life and shows that, you are worrying about disappointing someone (or even yourself) and should be confident about yourself. Also, it indicates you worry about being inadequately prepared or the responsibilities you take, and you need to rest. In brief, it is a dream caused by pressure and shows that you are quite responsible for what you do.
Being Late for an Exam
Your dream about being late for the exam is an indication of your worries about something, some plans, some investments you are working on or a career change you will face. It is an expression of lack of confidence caused by uncertainty. On the other hand, it perhaps shows that you do not want to face some things in your life and you are like get cold feet before the exams in your life. Probably you want to make some progress, but in practice you always feel a kind of pressure to slow down.
Taking the Wrong Exam Room
Dreaming about taking the wrong exam room suggests poor luck and reminds you to be careful about the vile characters who may frame you up.
Supervising an Exam
Dreaming about supervising an examination suggests you will win a name and make an achievement.