Dreaming About Singing Song Meanings and Interpretation

Dreams about singing reveal your inner desires to show your ability or charm in the public.
If you dream that you were singing loudly alone, it implies you desire to show yourself in the public and envy those social stars, hoping to talk like them and become eye-catching. However, you are somewhat introverted and unconfident, and often feel constraint and back off when behaving in front of others. If you are a girl, dreaming about singing aloud indicates you will attend the wedding of a relative or friend, or meet your sweetheart soon. If you are a married woman, such a dream predicts you will conceive a baby. If you are a man, such a dream suggests you will suffer from sorrow and pain, and need to restrain yourself in words and deeds.

If you dream that you were singing and everyone applauded, it indicates that you hope your relationship can be recognized and supported by everyone.
Dreaming about playing a guitar and singing suggests you will find a good wife who loves you very much.
Dreaming about someone else singing is an auspicious sign of good news.
Dreaming about singing with another person suggests you wish to have a business partner. 
Dreaming about singing with friends suggests you are in good health and in a buoyant mood.
If you dream that a boy was singing, it suggests you will be in good luck recently and you can expect good development in career and steady progress at work. 
Dreaming about someone singing a dirge predicts good health and unexpected good luck.

Dreaming about the singing of a choir usually indicates that, deep in your heart you are longing for an exceptionally pure inner world, eager to strengthen your spirit, or get spiritually close to religion; or it shows your desire to share your inner joy or sorrow with someone else.
If you dream that your wife was singing, it suggests you are happy together and in conjugal harmony.
If you dream that your husband was singing, it suggests you will have a baby son.
If you are a patient, the dream about singing suggests recovery.
If you are in jail now, the dream about singing suggests you will be released.
If you are a merchant, the dream about singing reminds you to be careful about depression and reduced income.

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