Dream About Money Meanings and Interpretation

Money or cash dreams mostly relate to wishes deep inside. Dreaming about money usually implies what you are extremely eager to achieve.
Money is a symbol of wealth. According to the Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou, dreaming about money suggests you might be badly in need of money or a friend may borrow from you.
If you dream that you had a lot of money, it indicates your strong desire for knowledge or success, wanting to show your good side in front of others.
Dreaming about getting money is a sign of increased income or thriving business. It also shows your love is going smoothly, making you feel sweet and satisfied.
If you dream that someone gave you money, it shows you will get your work done successfully and suggests a strong dependence deep inside, constantly needing the protection of your family or friends. At the same time, it reminds you to be more independent and confident in yourself, communicate and mix more with people.
Dreaming about giving money to others is a bad omen.
Dreaming about making money painstakingly implies a difficult situation.
If you dream that your wallet is full of coins, it indicates something wrong with your behavior, for which you shall pay special attention to.
Dreaming about finding money by the roadside indicates that you will have a wish fulfilled. If you are a student, it implies you will do well in study and get good marks. If you are an unmarried woman, such a dream suggests you will meet a man you admire.
Dreaming about losing money implies a loss of financial source, lack of confidence in self or dissatisfaction with the current job; you want to change your job yet are indecisive about it.
Dreaming about being robbed is a good omen which generally shows you are lucky for wealth and tend to make a fortune recently. If you plan to go out, this dream implies you should set off in another day. If you are running a business, this dream shows that you are not afraid of setbacks and bound to succeed. If you consider to get married, such a dream indicates you are incompatible with each other and find it difficult to marry. 
If you dream that you were robbed of your wallet, it is a good sign of getting rich.
If you dream that you counted banknotes one by one, it shows your luck in making money will become better and you will get windfalls, in the way of unexpected bonus, reward, etc. If you are unmarried, such a dream suggests your relationship will be improved and you can expect a wedding. If you are married, such a dream indicates a well-off and carefree life. 
If you dream that money was blown away/is blowing away, it means people around you will have good luck.
If you dream that a lot of money fell down from the sky, it indicates an unexpected change or loss to you.
Dreaming about money in water suggests changes in recent life, for which you do not need to worry too much. If there was a lot of money in the water, it shows your strong thirst for knowledge or success and you want to stand out or show your good side in front of others.
If you dream that your money fell into the water, it implies the thing you are planning or working on recently will go well; even if there is a problem, you will fix it on your own, so relax and do not worry too much about it.
If you dream that you got a generous sum of money and felt very happy, it reminds you to pay special attention to your health and safety in the near future and protect yourself from accidental injury. So be careful when you cross the road, enter the construction site and drive.

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