Being chased with a knife


I had a dream where I was the only person in the house because my family left. When I was walking into the house there were people not too far from me standing outside and I almost turned around. A few minutes later there were either 1 or 2 women breaking in and I tried to hide, block the door, and she still got in. She had a knife in her hand trying to stab me and when she had the chance she couldn’t, the knife was on my knife but it felt like a scratch if anything, like a play knife. The next moment we ended up kissing and the same every thing happened with the chase and kissing of another woman.

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Knives are about aggression. It might be that your unconscious feels that some friend or acquaintance is being aggressive toward you. So, you have this kind of dream. You are lack of security in waking life. It's better to talk to your friends more to relax.

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