Dream of Crying Meanings and Interpretation

By crying, we work off our grievance, stress, sadness and other emotions in life. By crying, the sadness will disappear and things will go well. As a result, crying is not a bad omen but a good sign in the interpretation of dreams.
For a single, the dream of crying suggests the recent poor luck in love relationship, the problem in communication and the possible argument.
For a woman, the dream of crying suggests a happy family, and the good health of her husband and children.
For a patient, the dream of crying suggests the recovery to health and a positive attitude will help to recover.
For a pregnant woman, the dream of weeping indicates that the stress during pregnancy needs to be worked off by crying, and someone around her may have a problem.

You Crying in Dream

If you cried in the dream, it means everything will go well with your life and you will get what you want.
The dream of bursting into tears suggests good luck.
The dream of convulsive sobs indicates your career will develop smoothly.
If you wailed in the dream, it means all the pain and dilemma will come to an end, and you will lead a happy life in the future.
If you cried loudly and complained in the dream, it indicates that you have been somewhat depressed in life by setbacks and grievances for a long time and just cannot work it off. The dream reminds you to adjust your mood in life and work off properly.
The dream of crying in bed reminds you to beware of disaster.
The dream of wailing for someone passed away indicates that you will get unexpected property.
The dream of crying with others indicates that you will celebrate something with your friends.
If you were abandoned by a good friend and cried in the dream, it implies that you worry about being not cared and loved by the friend or losing the original position in the mind of your friend.
If you married someone else other than your boyfriend and cried so sad in the dream, it indicates that you have a sense of loss in real life because of the gains and losses of something.
If you woke up crying from your dream, you should make a will to pass your wealth as early as possible. If you are unmarried, woke up and started to crying suggests you have been communicating more with your lover due to the increased distrust which is caused by some opinions of your friends.

Someone Else Crying in Dream

The dream of someone crying indicates that you, your colleague or friend may get into trouble in the near future. If someone else cried and revealed teeth in the dream, it reminds you to guard against a lawsuit.
If a dead person cried in your dream, it indicates that you are in bad interpersonal relationship, may quarrel with others and need to calm down to deal with the problem.
The dream of a crying child suggests you will get help from someone in the near future.
The dream of a crying foe indicates that your foe will encounter something good while you may be in trouble.
If your family wept disconsolately in the dream, it implies something bad will happen to your family and you will suffer losses or be in danger.
If your friends and relatives wept in the dream, it means someone in your family may pass away.
If a patient cried in the dream, it indicates that you will be visited by a relative or friend far away. If the patient cried because of your blame, it means the condition will worsen or something bad will take place.
If you met someone and wept with joy in the dream, it means you will get help when you are in trouble and be unexpectedly rescued from a desperate situation.

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