Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is the Most Difficult to Get Along With?

In everyday life, some people usually put themselves in others' shoes, thus easy to get along with; some are grumpy, changeable, tactless and easy to alienate others, thus hard to get along with. Then which zodiac sign is the most difficult to get along with?


Just as the zodiac sign itself, Tiger people behave like the king and appear to stand high above the masses, not allowing anyone to overstep the boundary. In particular, those under the Tiger sign would be intolerant of anyone boasting of his/her merits in front of them and even lose temper. Generally speaking, they are too tough and paranoid to listen to others' opinions. Instead, they wish everyone can compromise to them and this is why they are tough to get along with. Tigers are fond of the limelight and they would pay you back if you fail to save face for them. With such a temper, they are hard to get along with and even would collide fiercely when they meet the strong!


Ox people look honest and diligent. In fact, those who are familiar with them know that Oxen are very stubborn. They are good-tempered and seldom get angry. But once they do, it will get out of hand. As long as they make a decision, no one can change it. Also, those under the Ox sign are very reckless and arrogant in doing things. That's why people around them can't communicate with or get along with them.


Most of Horse people are violent-tempered and impatient. No matter what they do, they can be reckless and stubbornly stick to the results but only get the opposite. Besides, those under the Horse sign often slight the people around and hence lose many friends.


In fact, people under the Snake sign are good-tempered and often look very elegant. However, they are quite suspicious and sensitive, making others can't stand. They never tell what they suspect, so few people can read their minds. Although they don't seem to care, they are indignant. The two faces of Snake people make it hard for anyone to have a heart-to-heart talk with them. No matter what they do, Snakes would choose the practical and analytical pattern. They are no doubt the most difficult to get along with. Their focus on the tiniest details means they can spot 100 faults from you in a flash. It is their picky nature and unwillingness to express inner feelings that make them hard to get along with.