How to Know a Dragon is in Love with You?

Actually, it is happy and annoyed to be loved by a Dragon man who is aggressive, difficult to deal with and won't change too much for you. Following are the signs of Dragon people in love with someone.

Share with You His Secrets

Most of Dragon people are popular and supported by others in daily life. With a high EQ and gifted in eloquence, they can be quiet when staying with their loved ones. So, it is easy to tell whether a Dragon man loves you - just observe whether he/she is silent and whether he/she is shy and introverted with you. If one day he/ shares with you his/her secrets, he/she must have a crush on you.

Care about His/Her Look

People would become very sensitive and suspicious in love and they would go off into wild flights of fancy by one look of their love. To draw your attention, the Dragon person would care about his/her look and dress up to be more attractive; he/she even would buy himself/herself nice clothes and jewelry at great expense.

Study Hard

Many people say that secret crush is very painful, but for those who are involved in it, it may not be as painful as they imagine. When a person under the Dragon sign has a crush on you, he/she will consider you as the perfect one in the world and sometimes think that no one else can match you. Therefore, he/she will study hard to improve himself/herself for you.

Speak One Way and Think Another

The bold would say love bravely while the timid would hide it deeply in heart. People born in the year of the Dragon are the latter: the more they care about someone, the more they would look impatient. If a Dragon person loves you, he/she will speak one way and think another.


The aggressive Dragon people are always decisive and never put off their work, so it is hard to see their shy side. Once a Dragon person falls for you, he/she would blush without realizing it. 

Do Something Babyish with You

Dragon people are proud and don't bother to do babyish things. If a Dragon person is willing to go to an amusement park with you or do other childish things, he/she must have a crush on you! Such a man/woman is really lovely and charmingly naive! 

Treat You Like a Priority

The self-centered Dragon people always put themselves first and care less about what others think. If a Dragon person falls in love with you, however, he/she will treat you like a priority and center on you no matter what he/she does. If you find a Dragon man/woman has these signs, he/she must be in love with you, so do not hesitate and show him/her your love!

Buy You A Lot of Things

People of Dragon sign tend to express love in a simple and clear way rather than do something romantic. If a Dragon person buys you a lot of things and act on his/her own to buy what he/she thinks right for you, he/she must be your true love. 

Awkward Care

In daily life, people born in Dragon years tend to care about themselves and think anyone else has nothing to do with them. If one day a Dragon person cares about you in an awkward way, he/she must love you very much. Perhaps he/she does not admit it, but do not worry – he/she is just too shy.

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