How to Know a Rat is in Love with You?

Rat people are sociable and highly adaptable to the environment. They worry too much about love, always have a lot of ideas and tend to be suspicious. In fact, people of Rat sign have a strong desire to protect themselves and their families from getting hurt. It can be difficult for a Rat to fall in love with someone. Then, how to figure out whether a Rat man/woman is in love with you? 

Always Be There for You

Rat people are lazy in life and they usually would not take the initiative to do something unless it's something they are crazy about. If a Rat fall in love with you, he/she would become active and take the initiative to be there for you ''by chance'', just to show that you are linked by the ties of destiny. Actually, he/she has already figured out where you're going to be in advance, so that he/she can create a sense of presence. If someone under the Rat sign keeps staying around you and you do loves him, just say your love directly. 

Say Love Casually

The high emotional quotient of Rats can be shown when they are really in love. If a Rat person fall in love with you, he/she will be good to you and express love casually without destroying your friendship. In this way, you can still be friends even if he/she is denied.

Look at You Furtively

Rat people are weak in hiding themselves, especially when they fall in love with someone. If you and your Rat are in the same place, he/she will unconsciously look at you when working or studying and pretend as if nothing has happened when you look up. In fact, his/her love is hidden in the way he/she looks at you and it has to be read by yourself. 

Ask You Out

Rat people are not very good at hiding away their love. If a Rat person around you loves you, he will test you first to see if you love him and do something to draw your attention. The most direct expression is that he will find an excuse to ask you out to be alone with you and say something to figure out whether you have a crush on him. In short, people born in the year of the Rat are very discreet about the romance.

Show Up When You Are in Trouble

If a Rat person loves you, he/she wants to immerse himself/herself in your life and care about each and every move of you. He/she will be happy for you when you are delighted and stand out when you are in trouble. If a Rat man/woman always shows up when you are in trouble, do not hesitate - hurry up and express your love to him/her. 

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