Four Types of Ears Signifying Lifetime Poverty

The ears stand for the health of the kidneys, and there is also a saying that the ears are the star of good fortune. So, the ears also affect our fortune. In physiognomy, face and body should be in line with human proportions. Therefore, the ears must be straight and symmetrical. If the ears are not symmetrical, and the eyes and nose are skewed, it is a sign of financial loss. From the perspective of physiognomy, people with these four types of ear shapes will be poor for a lifetime and it is difficult for t hem to get rich.

Prominent Ears

The prominent ears are the auricles that are far from the back of the head, like two small fans. Although people with this kind of ear shape have a cheerful personality, they are not focused enough and lack the spirit to work hard. They are too satisfied with the status quo, and they always like to enjoy themselves and cannot take up their responsibilities and obligations. They are prone to be influenced by the outside world. Their position is not firm enough. They are always shaky in face of their choices and make others feel that they are not reliable, Therefore, it is difficult for them to get trust and valued by other people.

Low-set Ear

In physiognomy, the low-set ears are set lower than the normal ears. The helix of ear expands outward
and the whole ear is tilted forward, and the color is obscure. People with such ears are stubborn in personality, and they can't listen to other people's opinions. They often miss good opportunities because of their stubbornness, and they have a lot of hardships in their life and have little luck in making a fortune. Therefore, people with such ears don’t have good financial fortune.

Big & Fleshy Ears

People with big and fleshy ears resemble the ears of a pig. Their ears are big in shape and fleshy, but the ear is floppy and collapsed, with little outline, resembling a pig's ears. In addition, the color of such ears is darker than the color of the face and has no luster. People with such pig-like ears have lazy personalities, little motivation and little pursuit, even if they occasionally have a small fortune, they quickly squander it all. They don’t have long-term goals and they would live a mediocre life and it is difficult for them to get rich throughout their lives.

Blossoming Ears

As its name suggests, “blossoming ears” are like an open petals of blossoming flowers. The ear helix is broken and incomplete, and there is almost no tragus. The overall ear has little flesh and the color is like a withered flower. People with such ears have a destitute childhood and have a poor relationship with their parents and relatives, or they have lost their father or mother since childhood, and it is difficult for them to keep their property in adulthood, and they are lonely and miserable in their late years.

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