How to Know a Tiger is in Love with You?

What will Tiger people do when they fall in love with someone? How to find out if a Tiger man or woman have a crush on you? If you’re a Tiger person has the following signs, he/she must have a crush on you. Otherwise, as Tiger sign is most incapable of expressing love, he/she will not do these seemingly boring yet romantic things.

Turn into a Chatterbox

When a person born in the year of the Tiger really loves you, he/she will turn into a chatterbox and tell you everything about him/her. Even if you've just parted for a while, he/she would have a lot to say when you meet again. If a Tiger person becomes quite talkative, he/she must have a crush on you.

Be Easily Annoyed

Tiger people are generally polite and elegant and they know how to express themselves decently in public and how to get along with others in the most comfortable way, thus seldom have conflicts with other people. If a Tiger has a crush on you, he/she will become jealous and be easily annoyed, leaving manner, temperament and every other things behind. 

Very Considerate to You

Although a Tiger person around you is usually vigorous and resolute in the workplace, he can be very loving and considerate to you if he/she really loves you. To find out if a Tiger is in love with you, just see whether he/she is kind and thoughtful in front of you.

Change Himself

Tiger people can be career-oriented in daily life and they always put their work first. Whenever something conflicts with their work, they would give priority to the latter. But once a Tiger has a crush on you, he/she will change himself/herself and treat you like a priority. 

Become a Gentleman

Tiger people seem unconcerned and playful in love because they have not met the right one. What would be a Tiger man like if he really loves you? He will change completely and become no longer unconcerned or casual but behave like a gentleman. If a Tiger man treats you differently with others, he must be in love with you. 

Invite You to Dinner

The flamboyant and unrestrained Tiger people vary from others and they can be active and mighty when they have a secret crush on someone. If a Tiger man has a crush on you, he will take the initiative to pay the bill, so as to show off and save for you. When you get along with a Tiger man who loves you, he must invite you to dinner frequently. 

Comfort You Sweetly

No matter how mighty a Tiger person is, he/she can be gentle and comfort you sweetly when you are sad. If he/she really has a crush on you, he/she can be considerate for you and ask you nothing in return. In his/her opinion, true love is about giving and making you happy, and he/she enjoys the feeling. 

Make You Angry for Attention

Most of Tiger people do not stick to trifles and they have their own ideas and the way of great generals. When a person of Tiger sign falls in love with you, he can lose his head and long for your care but just cannot swallow his pride to show weakness. As a result, he will make you angry intentionally or not for your attention.

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