The Female Tiger in Love

Tiger women value freedom, lack of confidence and wish to get the return equal to the pay. Unconfident in love, female Tigers need to be encouraged and responded in love. Only in this way can they move on. If you keeps evading and refuses to pay for your girlfriend under the Tiger sign, she may break up with you.

Female Tigers' Attitude towards Love

Clear about what to love or hate, female Tigers act on their feelings like a queen and they will move their loved ones to start a romance with their passion and kindness. Compared with the boring family life, Tiger women prefer the exciting and romantic marriage with their husbands and hope their loved ones can offer the greatest emotional comfort like a lover. They hate to be neglected and look forward to the dynamic and free life. Also, they tend to be unyielding and dominating in family.

How Should Female Tigers Maintain Love Relationship?

The innocent Tiger women want to get the precious freedom in love. With a strong self-awareness, they take it for granted that they are offered more time by their gentle lovers to do what they like and to travel to their favorite destinations. In fact, this is because their loved ones cannot find the sense of existence in them, so they might as well give Tiger women freedom. Therefore, female Tigers need to rethink about it since there is no absolute freedom in love. When they move forward alone, they are suggested to look back, wait for their loved ones and accompany the latter more, so as to improve the relationship. If they keep pursuing freedom, they will regret sooner or later.

How to Know How Much a Female Tiger Loves You

In the face of loved ones, female Tigers hardly know what to do and they may speak loudly to be noticed and look confident. Once they fall in love with someone, they wish to see him any time. Because of this, they may find excuses or create conditions to meet by chance even if they have to take a detour. For their loved ones, they can give up everything, even work, to get close to their love.

What Kind of Men Do Tiger Women Like?

1) Aggressive and Brave Men
Ambitious and mighty in life, female Tigers are easily attracted by aggressive and brave men who are of the same personality and can offer guidance on certain matters. They dislike the fair-faced men who are indecisive and feminine.

2) Trendy Men
Tiger women are open to challenges and new things in life and often lead the trend, thus dislike those men who are stubborn, conservative and rustic in daily life. Generally, they are attracted by men who like to lead the trend and challenge new things since they are like-minded and close to each other.

3) Upright and Frank Men
Though mighty, aggressive and seemingly difficult to get along with, female Tigers have a strong sense of righteousness, cannot bear the injustice around and would take the initiative to offer help. Hence, they like the upright and frank men and dislike those who are sinister and crafty.

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