The Male Tiger in Love

The overbearing Tiger men are passionate and impulsive in love relationship and love can go to their heads easily. They know clearly what to love and what to hate and can bring the most intense love to their sweethearts. Seemingly careless and unreliable, male Tigers are bold, vigorous and caring in marriage. They are considerate in all matters, whether important or trivial, and almost take their partners as the center of their life - all they think is about their loved ones.

Male Tigers' Attitude towards Love

The passionate and brave male Tigers are fearless, full of vigor in love and clear about what to love or hate. With great ambition for career, they attach great importance to work and career prospects and future development of women before starting a relationship. Sometimes, they even choose somebody more their equal. Most of them attract girls with their career achievements, thus quite popular among women.

How Should Male Tigers Maintain Love Relationship?

Men born in Tiger years are born to be optimistic and outgoing and they like to plan for the future but think less or even never think about the present. When their girlfriends remind them of their carelessness, they may deprecate chauvinistically. Once their girlfriends leave everything to them, however, Tiger men are just incapable of taking responsibility for their future, which will disappoint their women. The real men can be responsible for their love and would work hard for the relationship rather than just talk without taking any action. Only if male Tigers learn how to do more and talk less, can than maintain the relationship well.

How to Know How Much a Male Tiger Loves You

Apparently careless, men under the Tiger sign sometimes can be shy. Perhaps your glib boyfriend under the Tiger sign would say ''I love you to my bones'' when you force him, but it is not sincere because he likes to play a trick in public. Instead, when you are sleepy or when there are only you two and he suddenly says ''I love you'', it is true and you can feel assured that he is really in you and wants to spend the rest of life together.

What Kind of Women Do Tiger Men Like?

1) Gentle and Lovely Women
The mighty male Tigers hate being contradicted in life, so they dislike women as mighty as them in life and prefer those who are gentle and lovely, can take good care of them and never contradict them.

2) Brave and Confident Women
Men born in the Tiger years are quite capable and confident and they can always achieve good results in life through their own efforts. Usually, they are attracted to the straightforward and confident women and dislike those who are hesitant, indecisive and unconfident.

3) Independent Women
Tiger men, of high self-esteem, hate to be outdone and always work hard in life to create their own cause. Therefore, women who are also diligent and independent attract them a lot. For dependent and opportunistic women, no matter how beautiful they are, male Tigers would not have any good opinion.

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