The Female Rooster in Love

Women born in Rooster years are bold, outgoing, lively and somewhat masculine. When they are romantically involved, they would take the initiative yet become quiet ladies when necessary. The attractive charm often makes men fascinated head over heels. Female Roosters cannot stand men who try to control them from every aspect. They are family-oriented and can be good wives but just would not stay at home all day.

Female Roosters' Attitude towards Love

Women under the Rooster sign are enterprising and hardworking and they hold a positive attitude towards love. For the mild Rooster girls, romance does not mean the intense relationship or the candlelight dinner but the little by little care in daily life. So do not take great pains to create the air of romance for Rooster women as loving care in daily life is the most important for them.

How Should Female Roosters Maintain Love Relationship?

Faithful and gentle as they are in love relationship, Rooster girls can be sensitive, suspicious and lost in various fancies, which is their fatal flaw. Once they find some suspicious points from the words and deeds of their lovers, they would conjecture whether something are being hidden from them. The most important thing in love is mutual trust. Such groundless suspicion would be nothing good but asking for trouble and increasing psychological burden to their loved ones, leading to the deadlock of both sides. How to continue the relationship when there is no trust? As a result, Rooster women are suggested to trust more and be less suspicious in romance.

How to Know How Much a Female Rooster Loves You

Rooster girls hold a beautiful vision for marriage and they long for the ordinary and simple life and the sincere partners rather than the intense relationship. If your Rooster girl frequently pulls you to shop in furnishing store and supermarket and keeps talking about daily trivial matters, it means she wants to marry you, so do not be upset for shopping, or you will hurt her.

What Kind of Men Do Rooster Women Like?

1) Straightforward and Generous Men
The shrewd Rooster women plan their budget carefully in daily life and prefer the generous men who would not haggle over every ounce. That's why they are usually attracted by generous and informal men rather than the excessively mean men who are greedy for small advantages. 
2) Gentle and Rich Men
The fashionable and pretty Rooster women know how to dress up and never lack of wooers in daily life. But they are realistic and demanding in choosing boyfriends and wish their partners can be gentle and rich men who can take good care of them and boast good economic conditions. Therefore, they have no immunity to this kind of men. 
3) Frugal Men
Sensible with money and sensitive to figures, female Roosters can always save every penny unnecessary to spend in life. They are attracted by frugal men with good taste and dislike those who spend extravagantly without any plan. 

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