How to Know a Rooster is in Love with You?

Full of curiosity about everything, Roosters prefer innovation to routine, work hard and hold an active attitude towards love relationship. Then, how to figure out whether a Rooster is in love with you? 

Become High-spirited

People born in the year of the Rooster are actually more mentally mature than their peers. Since they know the nature of things in the world, they often get depressed and feel spiritless all day long. But when a Rooster falls in love with you, he/she will brisk up, place hope on the world and think even the clouds are cute.

Become Confident

More early-maturing than the peers, people of Rooster sign have a good knowledge about the opposite sex's psychology. Most people would feel self-abased at first when they fall in love with someone. But this is not true for Roosters, because they know everyone loves sunny and confident men/women. If a Rooster person loves you, he/she would become very confident, maintain a positive attitude towards life and keep smile. 

Talk to You

Once a Rooster falls for you, the signs will be quite clear - he/she will keep a close eye on your every move, create opportunities to talk to you and show off when you appear; sometimes, he/she can say something weird to attract you and leave you a good impression.

Write Poems for You

The romantic Roosters know it well that adolescents prefer the scholarly people, so they would write poems for their love to express their affection. You must have noticed that your lover under the Rooster sign is good at reading your mind and pleasing you. 

Spend Money for You

The unyielding Rooster people are keen to search for rules and make plans in spending money. They know how to make money and how to spend, and tend to spend for their loved ones and themselves. If a Rooster has a crush on you, he/she can be serious and no longer stingy but spend generously to buy expensive things for you.

Always Chat with You

When a Rooster loses his/her heart to you, he/she would chat with you now and then to keep updated about how you have been recently and to tell you that he/she will be right there. Also, he/she will know you better by chatting. Even if he/she cannot be by your side, he/she will call you to chat in this way.

Take Good Care of You

Rooster people manage to live quite well and take good care of their partners in daily life. When a Rooster falls in love with you, he/she will be very considerate and take good care of you in all weathers, making you infatuated and dependent on him/her. Perhaps he/she is not good at sweet words but can always give you the truest care. If a Rooster takes good care of you, he/she must have a crush on you.

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