The Male Rooster in Love

Rooster men, of complicated personality, usually live an exciting and passionate life after getting married. In pursuit of individuality and freedom, they look very charming and would become very tender and romantic once fall in love. To pursue the loved ones, they can produce romance and maintain the relationship very well. Also, male Roosters can bring the sense of security and the wealthy material living to their partners. They are good at living and can look after every aspect of their loved ones very well, from body weight and diet to family health. No one can feel unemotional to the meticulous Rooster men.

Male Roosters' Attitude towards Love

The talkative male Roosters have a strong desire to excel and lay emphasis on material life. They could reduce worries in life and maintain stable living conditions since they are good at money management. Also, men under the Rooster sign struggle to create the air of romance, thus always lead a passionate and joyful marriage life.

How Should Male Roosters Maintain Love Relationship?

Men born in Rooster years are very complicated in personality, partly very pragmatic and partly hooked on softness and sweetness. Rooster men would pay the least capital to win the most cost-effective beauty and prefer the tender, generous, beautiful and capable women. It may sound whimsical but they do think in this way. So it is imaginable that they can hardly get their wish. In fact, love is neither unconditional nor conditional and it depends on the feelings. Therefore, male Roosters are suggested to pay more and be more sincere and less calculating to better maintain the romance.

How to Know How Much a Male Rooster Loves You

Your Rooster boyfriend is childish and he wants to draw your attention by doing something boring. If you want to know how much he loves you, just check whether he allows you to control the purse-strings. For Rooster men, money is equal to life. If he gives you all his money, he is giving you his life. Only if he has observed carefully and identified you as a trustable one can he gives his money to you. Once he is sure that you will not abscond with the money but spend all the life with him, he can feel relieved to give you his life. If you are controlling his purse-strings, it means he loves you most and will stay with you forever.

What Kind of Women Do Rooster Men Like?

1) Intellectual and Graceful Women
With a good fashion taste, Rooster men know how to dress up and they are easily attracted by the intellectual and graceful women but dislike those who are slovenly. 
2) Women Diligent and Thrifty in Running the Household
For male Roosters, family is of great importance. They hope their partners can be also family-oriented, so as to have something in common and feel like-minded. Because of this, they like women diligent and thrifty in running the household and dislike those who take home as a hotel. 
3) Smart and Pretty Women
Most of male Roosters are good-looking and desire to marry the beautiful women who can match them. Besides, Rooster men are smart, calculating and gifted in money management and hope their partners can be also like this. Because of this, they show no resistance to smart and pretty women in daily life. 

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