Ox people of AB-type blood are unyielding, stubborn and a little opinionated. They work slowly, have a poor flexibility and would go ahead for a goal regardless of the cost. It is the indomitable will that leads to success and they tend to succeed late.


Strong-willed, unyielding and upright, they are nice people who adhere to principles, act prudently, move step by step to the established life goals and would do the best even if fail at last. They work in a diligent, meticulous and perfect way and are trusted by friends, even a stranger will feel their uprightness and show respect. Also, Oxen of AB-type blood are helpful and often sacrifice their own interests to help others. They hate the complex relationships and will never cover up but handle impartially even if the best friend makes mistakes. Facing something important, they will ponder over before act and it is unlikely for them to advance rashly. In the meantime, they seldom change their opinions because of others, start a relationship prudently, never make a snap decision or trust to luck.


Since they are highly principled, they lack of flexibility in dealing with various issues and relationships, cannot adapt to circumstances and understand what others mean, and appear to be opinionated. For fear of being criticized, their colleagues and friends never get close to them though trust and respect them. Poor in communication, AB-type Oxen are often annoyed by interpersonal affairs. They can avoid many mistakes out of the thoughtful mind but lose many opportunities due to the poor execution and slow action, and feel at a loss in the face of unexpected events. As a result, it is hard for them to take charge of a department alone in the workplace and they are generally put in a subordinate position to maintain the achievements.


AB-type Oxen are suggested to be more humorous and flexible in interpersonal relationship, communicate more, keep a broad mind, and laugh away the minor or unintentional mistakes of friends rather than take it seriously; listen more to others' opinions and complement with their character strengths and execution. In a word, they should be more outgoing and cheerful, avoid being indifferent, and have an optimistic, cheerful, considerate and virtuous partner.

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