Ox people of A-type blood are cautious and always think twice before any action. They are steady-going, pay more attention to appearance and never think wildly. Willing to bear hardships, they are slightly nervous but highly patient and brave to go forward. Though care too much about others' views, they can always keep going indomitably in the face of challenges. Sometimes, they are very persistent in their own ideas and actions and can undertake important tasks.


Oxen of A-type blood would consider, observe and weigh thoroughly and make a flawless decision, leaving a practical, reliable and calm impression to others. With an honest, simple, meticulous and earnest character, they never do things sloppily and carelessly or give up halfway but carry things through. Besides, they are quite right-minded and would strive and sacrifice for the cause of justice. A-type Oxen are good assistants, because they are loyal and forward-looking and can always make superiors satisfied. With a clear idea of what to hate or love, they never associate with the one they hate reluctantly but desire to lead others, so often take good care of people around. They wish to work with the like-minded and hold an earnest and serious attitude towards love: neither fall in love at first sight nor act with easy virtue.


They would ruminate over and make a decision based on thorough understanding. Therefore, they appear to worry too much in career. Once they are determined, however, they will go ahead, work hard and manage to overcome any setback. The angry A-type Oxen are just like a raging bull, making others dare not to approach. Sometimes, the instable character will ruin the image built over a long time.


Oxen of A-type blood would keep the decision made deep in mind and cannot play to the score once there is an objective change or temporary and market change. Instead, they still stubbornly believe the decision is right and should put it down at the moment. Female Oxen of A-type blood are suggested to marry a resolute, optimistic, shrewd and unrestrained man while males are suggested to have an ambitious, capable, smart and bold wife.

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