Personality for Monkey People of AB Type Blood

Monkeys of AB-type blood are smart, sentimental, humorous and quick-witted, and often make others happy but sometimes disliked because of their sarcastic tone. They are quite capable and efficient yet lack of patience, perseverance and discipline and lazy, hence miss many opportunities of success.


Characterized by the outgoing, sensitive, active, rational, responsive, and self-expressive personality of AB-type people and the clever and versatile personality of Monkeys, they feature an intense individuality and self-respect, can fully display their intelligence and wisdom and seize opportunities for wealth. At work, they are very capable and have the good judgment and foresight. Highly competent, AB-type Monkeys focus on priorities no matter what they do, work in an orderly way and are well received by superiors and colleagues. By virtue of their developed logical thinking and superior intuition, they can always make an accurate assessment of future development. Meanwhile, they are ready to help others, would give advice in other's position and win the trust of friends. Intelligent and calculating, they are clear about personal gains and losses, solve problems in a pleasant way, enjoy quite smooth overall luck and seldom have twists and turns in life. 


Since they are intelligent, Monkey people of AB-type blood often have extraordinary performance and feel good personally. They speak in a tactful and humorous way but sometimes point out a problem or show the discontent with others in a sarcastic tone, which is disliked by others. Generally, they keep smile but when things go wrong, they will be in low spirits. The lack of perseverance and patience is also their shortcoming; many times, they spend a lot of time and energy for something but finally give up even if there is only one step away from success.


When showing the dissatisfaction with something, it is better to point out a problem directly than ironically. Sometimes, AB-type Monkeys should learn to hide their emotions, because the evident joy and sorrow sometimes cannot solve a problem but affect the mood of people around. 

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