Personality for Tiger People of AB Type Blood

Tigers of AB-type blood are open, bright and nice people who like to make new friends and love life. However, they are very stubborn, cold and jealous. Quite adventurous, they will make every possible effort to win the heart of someone they love in an open way.


AB-type Tigers boast a strong intuition and sense of justice, like to make friends and treat their friends very well but seldom ask help from others once in trouble. Enthusiastic and brave, they dare to say no to what they don't like and are good at reasoning and convincing others. Also, they are confident in everything, have an excellent execution and win the favor of leaders and the respect of coworkers with the high efficiency. In their world, there is no obstacle or difficulty and they will move towards the stated objectives in a determined manner regardless of setbacks. In the eyes of friends, they are sunny, optimistic, kind, and lovely, like to make donation to charity and gather together, and never miss the popular things. Vigorous and curious, AB-type Tiger people would try anything new and often lead the fashion trend. In addition, they have an adventurous and fighting spirit and often choose the high-risk and high-return investment, but won't act unless quite confident. As long as they are dedicated to an industry, they will make great achievements.


Because of overconfidence, AB-type Tigers often ignore others' feelings and force others to accept their arrangement with no explanation, leading to an overbearing impression. In the pursuit of love, their overbearing manner is even more prominent and makes the loved one dissatisfied. In interpersonal communication, they usually judge others by themselves and demand others to be as generous and optimistic as them, leaving a heartless impression. Tigers of AB-type blood are careless and often offend someone without realizing it. They are curious about the world, and often have new hobbies, thus lack of perseverance and concentration. Besides, they often indulge their desires, and strive for whatever they want, even if someone else's spouse.


They should be less impulsive and more tolerant and prudent in life. To a certain extent, the proper confidence and dominance can highlight personality and loveliness but the overbearing attitude is dreadful. Also, AB-type Tigers should control their pursuit of desire properly and never pursue the things not theirs. It is ok to have a variety of hobbies but a dedicated attitude to work is necessary; otherwise, the hobbies will interfere with their career development.

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