Personality for Rooster People of AB TYPE BLOOD

Seemingly dignified and unrestrained, Rooster people of AB-type blood are quite emotional, yet frank, sincere, and popular among others. They are interested in art and talented in performance, which is unmatched by others. 


Roosters of AB-type blood are honest and frank rather than cunning and backbiting. While communicating with others, they are straightforward and honest, thus enjoy immense popular support. Also, they are kind-hearted, treat everyone around sincerely and care about others. When a friend is in trouble, they will offer help and ask for nothing return to make the friendship firm and long-lasting. With a unique ability of expression, they can always enlighten others with reason and touch emotions, so others are easily infected by their words. They work in a serious and orderly manner and are well-planned and meticulous in everything, thus can finish work in perfect order and with high quality, and more likely to be put in important positions. What's more, they are quite capable and appealing and often become the core and leader of a group. Another feature lies in their strong sense of competition and they don't want to lag behind in any way but stand out. In addition, AB-type Roosters are vigorous and tireless for those they are interested in. For love, they are passionate and sincere.


Though intelligent and resourceful, they are impatient and often give up half way. Out of the competitive mind, they want to surpass others in everything and push themselves too hard. They love deeply and are quite suspicious of their love; the more they love, the more suspicious they will be. Also, they keep questioning on their love, which intensifies the relationship and weakens the love.


Rooster people of AB blood type should show more respect and give more space to their love to improve the relationship. In work and life, they should care less about gain and loss because no one can make an omelet without breaking eggs. Females are smart and active in social activities, thus have many admirers and are suggested to find a modest, mature, experienced, cautious and enterprising husband. Males are suggested to have a calm, refined and generous wife.