Rat people of AB-type blood are serious about everything and never judge by common sense or accept a present loss. Seemingly indifferent and overcritical, they are sentimental, active and like to show off their skills.


Rats of AB-type blood are open-minded, proactive, rational, capable, righteous, quick-witted and eager to show themselves. Kind, gentle and broad-minded, they have their own principles and ideas about everything, would not accept the opinions of others or follow the general trend readily. While arguing on a certain question with friends, they can listen to others explain opinions with an open mind and eliminate disputes to the greatest extent, so as to save face for friends; once the friends leave, however, they will insist on their own claim unswervingly. Tactful manner and efficient execution make them very popular among others and stand out quickly from a team. With a good sense of humor, they can mediate the atmosphere and remove embarrassment skillfully to make others pleasant and accept their opinions involuntarily. Therefore, they are suitable for business negotiations and reconciling contradictions. AB-type Rats are open-minded and optimistic and take unhappy things lightly, which make them less bothered and benefit their health a lot.


The shortcoming of AB-type Rats lies in that they are self-opinionated and self-centered on everything, even to strangers or unfamiliar people. This makes them seemingly cold and utilitarian, though they are actually sincere and loyal to friends; others will more or less take their kindness as hypocrisy because of the impression. Meanwhile, they seldom consider about others and make others feel quite selfish. In a love relationship, the problem causes a great deal of troubles. Besides, they run wild and have a short temper at home.


While communicating with others, AB-type Rats are suggested to be less rational and more sincere and sensible. In addition, they should pay more attention to charity and break the inner indifference with love; listen more to the sensible views because their own ideas are necessarily right. If they could be passionate, considerate, and feel the other's heart, they will get more popular in love relationship.

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