With a quite special personality, Ox people of B blood type always come up with unique ideas and never show their inner world readily, thus very unpredictable. They are introverted and shy, yet persistent in career and can achieve the desired goal in middle age.


Oxen of B-type blood are quick-witted and diligent in thinking, and always come up with fancy ideas but dare not to express due to the introverted personality. Seemingly ordinary, they are actually talented and would behave shockingly once the talent breaks out. Obsessed with people and things, they treat and move friends sincerely and often have the everlasting friendship. Meanwhile, they are persistent in career, work hard, take every job as a long-term career and never change a job or give up easily. As a result, they can finish every task well. Since B-type Oxen are too shy to associate with others, they often stay quiet and attract the curious opposite sex who think they are mysterious.


The overplay usually makes an advantage to be the contrary. Actually, the shyness and introversion show their lack of confidence. They often isolate themselves and make others feel indifferent, even proud, leading to the poor interpersonal relationship. The diligent and silent performance at work will cover up their talent and ideas and make their leaders cannot see their capacity directly. Though long for a relationship, they just cannot pursue bravely but keep watch far away and miss the chance even if have a crush on someone.


B-type Oxen are suggested to see their strengths and be more confident to show the strengths rather than isolate themselves; take the initiative to greet, show kindness to others and improve the interpersonal relationship, so as to benefit both life and work. Also, they should be generous and natural when getting along with the opposite sex, especially in the face of someone they love - take the initiative to make conversations and create chances to start a relationship. B-type Oxen are suggested to marry a cheerful, generous, optimistic and humorous partner rather than the shy and self-closed.

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